Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Must-watch" Labels

On a happier note after I spent my last few days devouring videos after videos of Air Crash Investigation/Mayday, I'm inspired to talked about my favourite movie directors, actors/actresses, and production companies. And I am going name them the "Must-watch" Labels.

I think over the decades, there are some things become true brand names, even people can become a branding in itself. And on movies, I am a follower of "brands". I must go to the big screens to look at these "brands". To me, everything they ever come out with, is GOOD.

And here is the list of my "Must-watchs":
- Steven Spielberg
- Tim Burton w Johnny Depp
- Will Smith
- Andy Lau
- Tony Leung
- Jay Chou

PIXAR - Monsters Inc

Compared to Steven Spielberg, PIXAR is a relatively new label in the arena. But every since Monsters Inc, I just had to go for every PIXAR production. It is a guarantee of perfect 3D, near-life animation, crossed between excellent thrilling plots that carry heavy messages to both young and old.

Steven Spielberg with ET hat

For Steven Spielberg, there really isn't much for me to say. He's been around for decades, and ever since the original ET, wave of fans have been following him till this day. For me, the best film that got me hooked, is Jurassic Park. At a time when nobody knew much about dinosaurs and fossils, he made it known to the world. Jurassic Park started a dino frenzy, and I remember going to the Science Centre for dino exhibits, buying a lot of dino keychains, softtoys, books, clothes etc.

Tim Burton and his movie characters

Tim Burton is well-known for his dark, dark stories. Working with Johnny Depp, who is always masked under thick layers of makeup, Tim Burton provides his followers the bizarre of the most bizarre tales. My favourite is the Edward Scissorhands series. This pair is working together on Alice in Wonderland, which will hit the screens in March next year. Looking forward!!! =)

Will Smith - I Am Legend

Will Smith, he's The Man. Probably the only larger than life actor who can carry the weight of millions and millions of viewers and their expectations on his shoulders alone. The line for him? "I AM LEGEND". His is a rag to riches, zero to hero story, in which he started out lousy, got dumped by his girlfriend who said to him "You are not good enough". Because of this, he sweared to make himself the Number One Man on Earth, to never be not good enough. He is one faithful man in love as well. An inspiring figure of life!

Andy Lau and Tony Leung in Infernal Affairs

Andy Lau and Tony Leung, I just like their profiles so much. Humble guys although they are rich beyond my wildest dreams, and the best thing - handsome too.

Jay Chou, main character and director of The Secret, with co-star, Gui Lun Mei

Jay Chou is my idol because he's so talented in music, from songwriting, to musical instruments and music itself... ... Oh, the list goes on. His songs resonates inside me and I really grew up together with his career. I didn't grew to like him. I like him from the start. His movie, 不能说的秘密, made me cry buckets from the 1/3 mark right to the end. It's my record.

Labels FTW!

Air Crash Investigation: Ripped from the Cockpit Part 4

Thank God, thank God, thank God.

I think it was by God's will that the co-pilot decided not to let the body go, even though he thought the Captain was dead by any means. It would have be death for sure otherwise.

God bless them.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Makeup Remover

Suddenly have the mood to write on this.

My first encounter with makeup remover was 3 years ago, when I bought my first set of makeup and skin products from The Makeup Store.

Then, I already know that cleansing milk is good for removing makeup, and that it's extremely important to remove makeup thoroughly so that our pores will not be clogged, and develop bad skin.

I don't think I'll be doing my reviews in a formal fashion, feels like a robot.

My First Encounter
Deep Cleansing Milk

It appears that The Makeup Store is not selling this product anymore. I would say, it's okay only. Requires a lot of effort to remove the eyeliner and mascara, although the after feel is not bad due to the milk. I don't really like it, and my skin is slightly sensitive to it, so I totally stopped using it after 5 times. The whole tube wasted.

My Second Encounter
Rosewater Cleansing Water by Sasa Cosmetics

Absolute failure. It comes in a half water half oil mixture, so I have to shake it everytime before pouring out. Totally does not remove eye makeup, even though it reads "eye and face".

I bought it after checking out several brands, and Sasa's was the cheapest per unit volume.

My Third Encounter
Professional Makeup Remover for Normal to Oily Skin by Laneige

This comes at a hefty $63 per bottle after taking into account the exchange rate. It is recommended to me by my beautician, and as she has contact, I always get my Korean brand products directly from Korea, and flown over.

WOW! This is really unbeatable. I am still on the lookout for cheaper alternatives to it.

This cleansing oil cleans my makeup off so well. Just one press, the normal facial cleaning movements and tadaa! All the makeup is gone! All, including my super stubborn Maybelline gel eyeliner. =))) And the best part? It leaves my skin soft and smooth, no oil film at all!

The plus point of this wonder oil is that it comes in a clear bottle, so that you can see how much you've used. And also, it's press out, not squeeze out or pour out, which I really don't like.

100 golden marks to Laneige!

My Fourth Encounter
Fasio Point Eye Makeup Remover

The parts I don't like about it is that:
- it really doesn't works on wet skin at all,
- I need to pour a lot! and really soak up the cotton pad, for it to be as effective as it claims.

Other than that, the effectiveness is pretty good, and the price is very affordable too.

Click for my full review =)

My Fifth Encounter
Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

A print screen off the ad video. Credits to Fancl.

haha, this one is funny. I got a mini sample packet from a magazine. About enough to last me 6 times. Not bad right? Just so little little bit in that pack, I can use so many times.

Yea, that shows that Fancl's new creation is good!!

It comes very, very close to Laneige. And the only drawback, and maybe critical losing point for some people, is that it leaves a film of oil on my face, and I have to use my cleansing gel to wash again. (In the first place, one SHOULD use daily facial wash to wash again after cleansing off makeup. haha. But I am still quite particular towards this point.)

But it's much cheaper than Laneige. So for people whose top priority is the price, then Fancl is the best choice.

99 marks to Fancl!

I'd like to link an article from My Women Stuff. It's on Kao-Biore's Cleansing Oil, as shown below:
Print Screen of Biore Cleansing Oil and description off Kao's website

Due to its launch slightly after Fancl's launch, I was tempted to buy it and try, because I know that Biore's stuff is generally cheaper. But all reviews after I googled it shows one thing - DON'T BOTHER.

Here's the review from My Women Stuff: Biore Cleansing Oil

ookie dooekie! That's all for now.

Verdict: For makeup removers and cleansing milk/oil, stick to the pricier ones. This is really one thing that is 一分钱一份货. And for sensitive skin, I think sticking to oil form is better. Milk forms tends to make me itch.

PS: I've not tried, but heard that Shu Uemera's Cleansing Oil is a cult favourite. However it's triple digits price, still not within my ability.


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why Stomp?

I shall not write on why I want to go to forums, but rather, why I choose to go to Stomp, and not other places like Flowerpod or Hardwarezone.

IMO, and IMO only, I think FP is a bit fake and hao lian, too strictly moderated so that I feel I don't have enough freedom. The moderation makes thread go ALL the way back to 2005, so hard to read.

HWZ, especially EDMW, has too many guys, and too many xmm pics. I am not a guy, so not my cup of tea.

So saying, FP is good for cold hard info, like if you want to buy cosmetics, or those vainpot thingy. I like, always go there to become more knowledgeable in being vain. LOLz.

And EDMW is good for xmm pics. :DDD

For Stomp, I think Stomp is very, very real. Real until sometimes, cannot take it. But it's real. People (from Singapore Seen), can be really selfish, silly, and inconsiderate. People from Talkback are not as conservative as Singaporeans I meet outside. And I think, I quite enjoy the company of some people I would call friends there.

At the end of the day, it's a very much "to each his own" world. Nobody can really stop/force anybody to be/do what he/she likes/wants. =) So back to Stomping!

My Eye Makeup

Just something that I'd like to make a note to myself in case I forget it in future: My Eye Makeup.

I must first declare that I don't wear makeup on an everyday basis. I am an amateur, and I only don the colours when someone I am meeting tells me I look better in makeup. haha, yup, I can be quite vain. I like to look my best.

So saying, I need this post to archive my hard-learned makeup techniques. LOL.

Below is my humble sketch of how to apply eyeshadow, and how to draw eyebrows:

The eyeshadow technique using green and labeled 1, 2, 3 and 4 at the top of the page, is what they call the The M Rule by Shisedo MAQuillAGE. Shisedo did a study on the everyday Japanese woman, and came out with how they make their eyes look larger. So gals, take note!

I am totally in love with the technique, as it's SO simple to follow, and so effective.

The M Rule:
(Use 4 matching shades of the same colour, like what I've done above)

1. Apply the 2nd darkest colour in the crease, the eye socket and right up till the outer corner of the brows, as shown. Remember to leave a V-shape at the edge, as seen.

2. Apply the darkest shade at the left and right 1/3 of the crease.

3. Apply the 2nd lightest shade in the middle 1/3 of the crease, between the darkest colour.

4. Apply the lightest shade at the little portion of the inner corner of the eyes, until about 5mm under the lower eyelids.

I've found out that this method works very well, because when the sun/light is shining, it sort of reflects on the 2nd lightest colour in the middle of your eyes. Making your eyes very 3D, and bright. You know, like when you look at a polished apply under light, there this side that will shine bright bright right. =)))

Next, we move to the red and pink eyeshadow. That's the traditional pattern you should draw for 2 shades of the same colour. The simplest if you want pattern. The simplest way to apply eyeshadow is of course just to brush one colour into the crease only.

Then the yellow and orangey red one. That's the basic of what is know as cai zhuang - a style of eyeshadow application that is normally sweet like paddle pop ice cream, and does not requires the shades of colour to be of the same colour. Meaning, you can match pink with blue with yellow.

This colour combi is my current favourite, as it's so simple, and suits my skin colour. I saw it applied on an HK TV actress.

Just apply the yellow/gold as the inner eye colour. And blend the red from the outer corner, meeting each other half way across the crease.

Lastly, the diagram with the nose and ears, that's for brow drawing. The one most girls like, arched mountain pattern.

Okay, I am sure you can see the lines. But I will just put it in words in case.

1. The arch has to be at the 1/2 way mark of your outer eye white. (So you can sort of mark that point with your eyebrow pencil.)

2. From there, draw outwards along the imaginary lines that connects the arch point to the highest part of your ears. (Use a long brush to help you visualize the line if you need.) Stop drawing at the point when you reach the line that connects the edge of your eyes (or edge of your eyeliner, I know sometimes girls extend the eyes with eyeliner), to the outermost corner of your nose.

3. Starting from the arch point again, draw inwards, sloping at an angle such that the end of your brow is horizontal with the other end of your brow. Stop at the vertical line that is drawn from the inner edge of your eyes, as shown.

Brow tips:

Start from the arch because your eyebrow should be slightly thicker and darker around the middle, thinning out towards the edges. Otherwise, it will look like you really put too much makeup.

The two ends of the brow should be sharp, it should be a tip, not a squarish end or something. Or else people think you draw wrongly.

And at the end of it, use the brow comb to comb down your eyebrows in the direction they grow in. =)

My 2-cents worth on eye makeup. Hope it helps if you are reading. *smiles*


Oral Skin Supplements Work

I confess that I think oral skin supplements work.

I used to really doubt these things, think it's a waste of money, with a lot of side effects and all.

But I have this free bottle of Moisture White Capsules called Youth White Ex by Sante (click for more info). It's expiringin Jan 2011, so I thought, I should just eat it up. Been taking it for 2-3 weeks. And it seems that my face has become smoother, and less acne prone.

Feeling good too. haha.

I bought Hakubi White C2 by Sato a few weeks ago too. Haven't start on that, as I don't want to be taking too many pills at a time. (more info here)

This is another highly raved about product that truly works for skin whitening and reducing acne occurrence. The pink bottle C2 that I chose costs $32 without discount. I got it at around $25 after 20% Watsons discount. haha, so wait for the sale!!

They say the blue botte C is for people with oily skin or already very acne prone skin, stronger version of C2.

I feel like trying the Q10 cream for anti-aging. LOL.

Next time. =)


Itchy Scratchy Scars

Ok, I think I am entitled to post this, because I have been accident prone since young, and also very attractive to mosquitoes - the real life VAMPIRES!!!

The recent days, and weeks, and months TOO, have been scorching. Everyday, I feel like my house is an oven. And I am some delicious meat being baked, waiting to be served in buns. I am sure the whole Singapore is feeling the same way that I do. Even for those fortunate people who have air-con in the house, I am sure you need to go out too, right?

haha, okay, so the point being, mosquitoes are out in armies in the hot weather. And more scars for people with attractive blood like me. I don't know true or not, but I've read before that B+ blood type attracts mosquitoes more than other blood type. That means I am doomed to be mozzy's sweet honey for the rest of my life, and my children too, since Love is B+ as well. Better hope whatever that I read is baseless and rubbish! LOL.

Before anyone starts to point at me for being a complain-prone Singaporean, I better come to the real, real point. That my hands are very itchy, and I've scratched out some ugly scars in the past. But it's not the end of the world, because there is THIS:

止痒膏 Ammeda Shiyoko Ointment, 20g, Made in Japan by Focal Corporation.

It reads "Stops itching, soothes pain". And the indication says: for insect bites, bedbugs, mosquitoes, bees, itching ulcers, measles, headaches, pimples (yes, PiMpLeS), numbness, muscle fatigue, burns or abrasions.

Wow, what a long and really nice list. Looks good for everything.

The best thing is that, if you are diligent enough to apply it every 3-4 hours, the ugly scars like hard, dead skin and keloids will disappear. I have done it on many of my kiddy scars. So, it's tried, tested, and works. =)))

And the other reason why I feel compelled to share this with you, is because it's better than the famous scar serum you can find in pharmacies, namely, Palmer's Vitamin E Scar Serum, which costs a hurting $45.90 (if I don't rememeber wrongly... you can check it out at Guardian's or Unity Healthcare and selected Watsons outlet).

My mozzy cream, which is not widely heard of, can only be found in very few old and traditional medicine halls under HDBs. And it's only a few dollars.

How do I know Palmer's is not as good as it claims???

Of course I've bought and used it.
This is the one:

Palmer’s Scar Serum contains Vitamin E, cocoa seed butter, shark liver oil and onion bulb extract. the serum has a strong odor due to the shark liver, but it’s not unpleasant. It's very thick, so you will only need one drip to cover a mosquito bite.

The problem with it, is that Vitamin E promotes new skin growth. Which makes my keloid keep growing thicker and harder. While the proper way to heal a popping out scar, is to let it dry and peel off naturally. Then apply cream to promote new cell growth so that the colour blends back with the rest of your skin.

yup. But I have read countless reviews that rave about this. I think it's worth the try if you've tried everything else and doesn't works. Even I took the plunge with the money.

So people out there, if you have problems with scars, like me, give it all a try, and all the best! May we all be beautiful people. *hearts* =)))


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fruitful days

I think exercise really does makes one feels good. The saying is not bulls**t. Especially when the exercise is my favourite - SwImMiNg!!! =)

And I love club pools. So much better than public pools. The water is less chlorinated. And there are fewer people. Normally, I can have my own lane, or half a lane to myself.

The best part is that I have my brother to go with me. It motivates me not to stop. Yes, exercise should have a buddy, IMO. :)

They say exercise only really burn fats if you are moving the same big muscle for more than 20 minutes continuously. Normally I will do 30-45 minutes = 20 - 28 laps.

I am pretty slow. But better than nothing. haha.

Oh, and I finally got down to trying my hands at making Bubble Tea! LOL. I have been observing them when I buy Bubble Tea. Now I can remember the recipe for many of the drinks. hahaha. Soon I will come out with my own menu, and name a corner in my house DreamCavern. That will be my home-based bubble tea cafe. haha.

I did Mango Red Tea. Nicey nice!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The New Paper New Face 2009

I can't believe it!
I actually plucked up the courage to go and try for TNP New Face this year.
I have been waiting for it since Face of 2009 in February that led me to discover TNP New Face.

Kinky & I registering
I feel so happy.
Imagine if your mother has been telling you to stay thin and don't get any scars, so that you can grow up to be a supermodel like Cindy Crawford, since you were 4 years' old?
I think this time, I really tried my best to fulfil this childhood responsibility, and to quote William Hung, "I have no regrets!". =)))

I am No. 64. Kinky being interviewed by a reporter after our catwalks.

I think I will try again next year. The last year, as I will be overage after that. :P

Recalls: I was so nervous that my smile and whole body was shaking. To think I ace my presentations, I have no problems doing face to face sales, and I had experience emceeing for more than 200 people. A little disappointed because of this. But really, it's an experience that I have learned from, and will take away into my life.

What made the trip really fruitful was meeting some of the interesting people from Stomp. There was Kinky_Me, ShereBanana, and KyuubiYoko.

Kinky, Shere, and Me. Look, she's so tall! =)

Kinky is No. 63 and Shere is No. 101.

Kinky is beautiful in person and also in personality.
Shere's eyes are as big as ping pong balls, literally.
She's so pretty, and I think she has a nice personality too!
Very cute behaviour.

Shere and the 4 other contestants who were on the stage together with her all got into the 2nd round. The closed doors audition is on the 27th June at 8am!! LOL.
All the others were mixed bloods, and she's the only one who's pure Chinese.
ShereBanana FTW! =)))))

Lullaby and Goodnight

Lullaby and goodnight
Baby 乖乖睡觉... ...

This was what my mother sang while she pat me to sleep when I was a toddler.
It really brings back good memories, sweet memories, touching memories.

2 nights ago, I heard it again.
By Smurf, online.

I was so awfully touched that I teared very hard.
In this day and time, closing 2 decades from the time my mother sang it, there is still someone out there willing to sing this song for me to sleep well and to sleep soundly.

Such is the warmth the God puts by my side. I cherish thee, and forever.

Note: The Smurf's version of Lullaby and Goodnight was made popular in Singapore around 2005 by Desmond Koh, who would play it before he goes off shift on FM93.3.
Here's the link to the song: Smurf's Goodnight Song