Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Something to Say About The Body Shop

I am sure a lot of us know of the TBS Atrium Sale at Tampines Mall, and have been there already. My SO and I have also been there, and gotten some loots. =)))) Congrats to those who have picked up useful things and saving beauty money!

But what really makes me want to write about TBS is that I cannot understand why people keep thinking it is natural. And some try to argue their way out.

I am not against TBS, in fact, I like their products, and think some of them really works! But I feel that it is great injustice to really, truly natural and/or organic brands that TBS is seen to be on the same level as them. So I hope to open things up, and shed some light on this issue.

TBS products are NOT natural. Neither are they going huge on being natural with their products. They don't even have a full fledged mineral cosmetics range. The closest I can think of, which I have not seen in Singapore stores, is what Viva Woman alerted the public to: Nutriganics from The Body Shop.

They are just practising beauty ethics, and being Green, and eco-friendly. (In fact, I am not sure if going to far-flung places and digging out new plants is REALLY eco-friendly or not. For those who have studied human geography, and know about the side effects of eco-tourism, and eco-industrialization, you know what I mean.)

Step 1: Feel their bottles. Squeeze it.
You will notice that the plastic is very much softer than others. Look at the plastic label at the bottom, and you should see a triangle with 1 inside. That is plastic indication, meaning Polyethylene Terapthalate.

It is low strength plastic that is recyclable.

So if you want to be more beauty natural and eco-friendly, please kindly recycle all your TBS bottles. =))) I do! I wash out the soap from the bottles and send them to my Town Council's fortnightly recycle group.

Step 2: Look again at their paper bags.
Notice that they give you takeaway bags without handles for small purchases, and large paper bags for things like the Tampines Mall Atrium sale. These are all made from recycled paper. And of course, you can, and should recycle it.

Step 3: Look at their movements and promotions.
The Help is At Hand, Stop Sex Trafficking advertisement is still around in some MRT stations. Movements like these help us to be aware of the less fortunate around the world. So help if you can afford the hand cream. =)

Apart from the things that our eyes can see, here is the rest of the Green efforts that they are making: Values & Campaigns: Our Green Efforts.

The Reason - Why I say they are not natural in terms of products
Step 1: Look at the ingredients list.
All the bodywash the I have seen contains SLS.
I did not get rashes from it, to my delight. =)

Step 2: Look at the ingredients list again.
Their body lotion and hair creams etc contains a lot of silicones which some, including me are quite sensitive to.

Step 3: Compare the ingredients list to something organic.
Now you will see the difference. TBS has mainly all chemicals.

haha, so that's all for bringing justice to truly natural and/or organic products.

Below is a you-can-try-it-too list: (they are all things that I like from TBS)
- Cassis Rose perfume
- Brazil Nut Anti-Frizz Hair Cream
- Honey Shampoo
- Musk Shower Gel (this is my favourite. ALL the other flavoured gels are just simply, flavoured, nothing special.)



Blogger sesame said...

Good post! You're right...a lot of pple think they're natural and you have to give it to them for being successful on that front. The entire eco-friendly image just spills over to their products. I used TBS shampoos as a teen as I kind of like it. I also heart their recycling initiatives. But product wise, I'll think thrice.

It's the same with Lush too. Pple think they're natural too but they're not.

Sunday, November 1, 2009 at 9:24:00 PM GMT+8  

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