Thursday, October 15, 2009

O2 Skin Fruit Yoghurt 5-min Wash-off Masks

I am so happy to find yet another item that can be added on to my MoneySense tag. And that is O2 Skin Fruit Yoghurt Masks!

I first came across O2 Skin Fruit masks when I brought a dear friend to O2 Skin outlet at AMK Hub. My friend bought both the Mango and Orange wash-off mask, and I asked her to let me have a look.

I did not try it, but from the looks of it, it's really wow! It looks and smells like real Mango. I had to try hard to suppress the urge to eat up the tub of Mango mask. hahahaha. (Unfortunately, at that time, I did not take a picture, so I can't show you anything. But there are quite a few O2 Skin outlets around, and do take a look if you pass by one of them.)

So, that has led me to have quite a good impression of O2 Skin Fruit Masks. And when I got a free 3-piece Fruit Yoghurt Mask packet from O2 Skin Workshop, I was delighted, and excited to want to try it.

O2 Skin Fruit Yoghurt Mask

Available: O2 Skin outlets

(I will check this out.)

Star Properties:
5-minute and all the goodness will be infused!

O2-Skin Fruit Yoghurt Mask x3 Free Trial Pack

The back. The ingredients are okay. Not poisonous, but definitely not natural, for those who are concerned.

It is white, with dense dots of fruit (strawberry/cucumber/orange) everywhere.

Very good! Not too thick, not too watery. Easy to spread all over face.

Strawberry: No effects, in my opinion.

Cucumber: OMG! This IS good! I think this is a must try. It's super hydrating, smoothening, and softening. If anyone remembers my rave on Blanc de Blanc 3-in-1 Hydrating Mask, now, I can say that, this cucumber mask is better than that! My face was super velvety and soft after I only used half that packet of cucumber mask. Velvety as in really the slightly furry, smooth feel. Literally. haha. Sorry, but this is too amazing that I have to emphasize it.

Orange: I haven't try this.

The Best Part
Of course, the best part for this would be it only takes 5 min! I personally always find myself very busy, and I can't bear waiting 20 - 30 minutes for masks to have their effects. The waiting time bores me out, as I can't have any facial expression for so long. haha.

Not sure if you also like to be fast, and save time like me. But a 5-min OK mask is really appealing for city-dwellers.

Sensitive Skin
So far so good. =) No problems with Strawberry and Cucumber. Will try orange soon.

I love it: 5 hearts.
This only applies to the cucumber mask, as it is very hydrating. I wouldn't recommend buying the strawberry at all.

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