Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Say Goodbye

There is always some kind of sadness in me when I have to throw away my skincare product bottles. Today, it is time to say goodbye to two more bottles, my first pimple cream, Decosmet Acne Cream, and my first eye cream, Evarro Eye Treatment Essence.

I am quite a hogger, and I practically keep everything and anything. lol. Especially skincare bottles. They are so nice, and so useful for traveling.

My two beloved bottles of creams.

I always take so long to finish these things, and they end up expired. Both are at least 2 years' old... ... They both smell sour.

I tried to wash out the creams so that I can reuse the bottles. But even with detergent, a lot of cream was still left sticking at the bottom.

So no choice. Must throw.

PS: The bottles look exactly the same. Actually they were sister brands. But have now split up.

What do you normally do with finished tubs/bottles of skincare? Do you wash and keep any? Or everything just goes into the bin?

If you do keep them, like I do, what do you use them for?

If you throw, does it sadden you? Especially if you have been using the product for months and months... ...

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