Friday, September 18, 2009

Dr. Jart Black Label Detox Healing BB Cream

This is the last sample of my 1st order.

Dr. Jart Black Label Detox Heeling BB Cream

Available: Watsons $32

Volume: 50ml

Star Properties: Triple function of whitening, wrinkle decrease and UV protection.

Cream Texture/Spreadability
The Black Label is substantially thicker than TFS Skin Extra BB Cream, and therefore harder to apply. And I also had to use slightly more to fully cover my face.
This cream has no problems blending into my yellow undertone and more tanned skin. It should not be a problem for fair skin people too. As I have read that good BB Creams do blend into your skin.
Healing Properties
Good! I am very satisfied with it. Again, I wouldn't say that it works as well as a proper pimple cream like ACNES Sealing Jel. But I am indeed happy with the all-in-1 results (foundation + healing + protection) that a good BB Cream promises.

Surface Finish
Super smooth, unlike TFS Skin Extra, where I could still feel my standard skin texture after application. Black Label has really good coverage, and filling/concealing properties. I would promise the sky that it works like a proper concealer, but I am very satisfied that it can cover some of the tiny flaws on my skin, and make pimples look less red too.

This is the main reason why I really, really love this cream so far. My best choice for now!

PS: LOL. I realise I use the term "surface finish", as if I am producing a metal machine part in engineering industry. hahaha. Occupational hazard.

Sensitive Skin
As most of my readers would know by now, this portion is MUST write for me, since skin allergy reactions are such a great concern for my dehydrated sensitive skin.

Very, very happy to announce that I am fine with Dr. Jart Black Label!

Actually, I am quite over the moon right now, as I feel that contrary to my initial belief, it seems that BB Creams are not so poisonous for me afterall. I am elated that I can stop using just loose powder (even though I have hardly finish 1/2 of my Silkygirl LP and still have a stock of Palgantong LP 10g to spare).

I try to remember to put loose powder everyday as we live in a bustling city that is full of pollutants and dirt. And it should be quite well-known beauty knowledge that a layer of powder (any powder) can protect our delicate facial skin from the harms of this concrete jungle.

PS: Maybe it's just crap by the industry people. But all these news keeps appearing in newspapers and articles, I think it's better safe than sorry to adhere, protect and prevent when we can afford to.

I am so pleasantly surprise that this is $10 cheaper than TFS. TFS Singapore is really a cheat-people company, in terms of price. All the TFS Korea items are much, much, much cheaper.

TFS really shouldn't price their BB Cream above that of any Dr. BB Creams. (Just me ranting.)


I love it: 5 hearts.
PS: I have amended that rating for TFS Skin Extra to 4.9, as I want to distinguish between what I feel is the best, and what I feel is very good. Plus, the price of Dr. Jart is also better than TFS.

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