Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Face Shop The Skin Extra BB Cream SPF 20 PA++

As I previously posted, this is the 2ml sample that I got from =)

I chose to this sample because I have read so many raves about TFS BB Cream. It is known to have very good coverage and suits darker, yellow undertone skins, which means it will suit my skin colour. =)

The Face Shop The Skin Extra BB Cream SPF 20 PA++

Available: The Face Shop Outlets, and some blog spree sites.


Star Properties:
Smart 3-in-1 cream the nourishes protects and correct in just one easy application.

TFS Skin Extra BB Cream, picture courtesy of

Cream Colour
It is beige, like all other normal BB Cream. But I think if you have tried quite a few BB Creams, you will notice that TFS BB Cream is on the darker and browner side.

As all the other reviews have reported, this cream is indeed very well suited for darker, yellow undertone skins like mine! I don't feel like a powdered-face, Barbie doll wannabe.

Cream Texture
The texture is very good, very thin, easy to apply, and all. After application, it feels pretty much weightless, not sticky or oily. It's really super thin and wouldn't disintegrate into powder feel like SilkyGirl's one.

I wouldn't call it fragrant. haha. It has a very weird herb smell. And sometimes, I even think it's smelly. I can still smell the weird smell on my face after application. But of course, after a short while, it wears off.

I think coverage is the second most important attribute of a BB Cream. This is because, if BB Cream is to be used as a makeup base + foundation + loose powder substitute, it has got to have good coverage, wouldn't oxidise, and best, some concealing properties.

And I am so glad to say that TFS BB Cream is very good in this aspect! Very good such that I have so convinced now that I should never ever use foundation ever again. Except maybe for mineral foundation.

The reason being, I have hypersensitive skin, and normal liquid foundation, powder foundation or two-way cake, make me breakout.

Healing Properties
This is the No. 1 attribute that I feel a BB Cream should have.

In the first place, BB Cream was made for patients who have undergone face peel, which is a very mild cosmetic surgery that uses laser to remove the top layers of skin, so that the perfect baby-like skin underneath can grow out.

This skin regrowth procedure is said to be able to remove scars, acne black or white marks, and of course also means that besides smoothed skin, the patient will suddenly have soft and supple skin.

And after sessions of peeling, the patient will be given BB Cream to apply day and night, fall healing and protection, as the skin after laser treatment will be hot, itchy, and weak. (IMO, something like doing a mild burn on your face.) In addition, the patient will also have to avoid the day time sun (which explains SPF in BB Creams), such as stay indoors, use umbrella etc.

And because of how amazingly BB Cream has helped patients recover from the peeling, BB Cream shot to fame in the (Korean) mass market, as something like miracle all-in-one cream for problematic skins.

Okay, anyway, that's basically the story...

As for TFS BB Cream, I do feel the healing effects. If you remember, I broke out after using the chemical sunscreen from L'oreal UV Perfect. So while I was on TFS BB Cream, I really saw my pimples being soothened over the week. I wouldn't say it is exactly a pimple cream that will give me total cure, but I am happy with the results from TFS. =)

Sensitive Skin
Last but not least, no allergic reaction! I keep reading reviews of how BB Creams clog pores, give some people breakouts and all. I am so glad TFS is fine. Just remember to use makeup remover.

If I am not wrong, TFS BB Cream is around $40. Pretty high mid-range. Considering nobody dares to price BB Cream higher than BRTC's $50.

I think I will feel the pinch if I decide to get the full tube. But currently, I am still abstaining from foundation, only using loose powder. Plus, for BB Cream, though it says with SPF, one should only use about 1-cent coin amount, should be enough to spread. 5-cent if you think you have a bigger face. Thus, 1-cent coin amount each day should stretch the full tube to at least a good 3-5 months. =) This makes my heart not so painful. hahaha.

It is recommended that one refrains from using BB Cream as a substitute to sunscreen, as this would mean you are going to have to use 1/4 teaspoon of it per day. This will almost definitely lead to clogged pores. Just imagine piling on that much of liquid foundation or powder.

I love it: 4.9 hearts!

Besides the slightly steep price, I think TFS BB Cream is worth it if you are looking for a BB Cream right now, really SiCk of liquid/powder foundation, and have more tanned yellow undertone skin.

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