Thursday, September 03, 2009

Beauty DIY: Rice Water Face Wash

I am neither the first, nor will I be the last person to blog about using rice water to wash face. But this the first time I am venturing into DIY Beauty, and I am so excited about my experience! haha.

It happens that my mother cooked today, so I asked her for the rice water. And wow! It's such a big tub.

DIY Rice Water Face Wash

Available: From washing rice before cooking (May filter the water from first wash, or start collecting from the second wash). It's free of charge if you eat homecooked rice everyday. =)

One big tub. I think at least 1 litre.

Star Properties:
Ever heard of SK II Pitera? Rice washing brightens the Granny's hands and keeps it smooth even at her age.

My big tub of rice water.

Honestly, I don't know exactly what the nutrients in rice water are. But my mother has been using rice water to water the pot of plant for as long as I can remember. So there must be good nutrients inside for the plant, besides water. And presumably, the nutrients are also good for our skin! hahaha.

Basically, I had such a big tub that I was trying to finish it up, so I used the rice water for everything. I first cleansed with my cleansing gel, then rinse off once with warm water. Then I used the rice water to splash on my face until all the rest of the cleansing gel came off.

I had this dried up mask cloth from another sheet mask, so I soaked it in the rice water, then press some sort of hydrating serum generously onto it. The one I use is Phyris Profession Hydro Elixir. I rubbed the serum all over the mask sheet, and placed the mask sheet on my face.

The mask sheet. Look kind of scary hanging there. :P :P :P

I did this because that bottle of serum has expired, but still looks and smell okay. And looking at the amount left, I know I would never be able to finish it soon enough (before it degenerates). So I thought of taking this chance to squirt out a lot and finish it up.

Expired bottle of Phyris Professional Hydro Intensive Elixir

I took off the mask after 10 minutes (actually should wait for 20 minutes), as I was tired of waiting for it to dry. hahahaha. Then I rinse off with cold tap water until I think the serum is gone.

Next, I soaked a cotton pad in the rice water, to use it as a toner.

I even used the rice water as a moisturizer, as my current night cream is very, very thick. Using about a 10-cent coin amount of rice water on my palm, I rubbed my normal amount of night cream into it, then spread it on my face. So much easier to apply now!

I read somewhere that we can use facial mists like Evian Braumister or Avene Thermal Water to spray once/twice on our face, then use the moisturizer. The water droplets will help carry the moisturizer into the skin, cos water is a good carrier of all sorts of stuff, and the water molecule is also small enough to pass through the lipid layer of cells.

However, water oxidises things like Vitamin C. So if you are using a Vit C cream, which may be quite thick, I think it is not so advisable to spray water over it.

There is still half a tub left after I tried to use it up in so many ways. lol.

After Feel
I must admit, the after feel of using rice water is good!

My skin is very smooth and very soft. The effect is quite immediate, as I could feel it right after I use it to wash off my cleansing gel.

However, like all masks are, this is no miracle recipe. Even Genefique takes 7 days to see the effect. So continue using if you hope to see real visible effects.

Sensitive Skin
Yay! I am alright. I have read some reviews about girls complaining that rice water irritates their skin. I thought that nobody should be sensitive to rice water... ... Fortunately for me, I am okay with such a wonderful nutritious water.

Remember to do a patch test by soaking a cotton pad in the rice water and leaving it on your face. Remove if there are stinging sensations or sudden itch.

I love it: 5 hearts.

Free and good. haha. Just be careful of splashing you face and washing off with normal water too many times. Because water washes off the face's natural oils, and make the face dry.

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