Monday, August 31, 2009

Daiso Natural Pack Charcoal Masque

This is the all famous charcoal mask that everybody in the Daiso thread on beauty forums like Flowerpod is raving about.

Daiso Natural Pack Charcoal Masque

Available: Daiso $2


Star Properties:
Charcoal for deep clarifying of toxins, especially good for oily skin types and acne.

I like the very cute black face woman sticker paste on top of the tube! hahaha. I tore it off though. It is made in Korea, which I like. And made of good quality plastic.

And see how the tube is sealed with aluminium foil, so you can be careful to buy an untouched tube? So nice right? For $2. I didn't expect this.

The sealed tube that I just have to show readers. =)))

Not easy to spread at all. For the rough 20-cent coin amount that I first squeezed onto my palm, as shown, I could only spread it far enough to cover 1/3 my forehead.

The black as charcoal masque. I didn't expect the colour to be so rich too. lol.

This 20-cent coin amount could only cover 1/3 my forehead nicely.

Subsequently, I squeezed another 2 and a half ful, full palmful of thick gel before I could cover my entire face nicely, as shown in the picture below.

Covered my face nicely in enough charcoal. =) Probably the most unglam pic I am ever going to post up on my blog. hahaha.

Squeaky clean. It's like, wow! I've never felt my face this clean before. I guess it does removes toxins and deeply clarifies.

But then it left my dehydrated skin too dry, that I broke out later in the day.

I love it: 4 hearts.

I think this is a very good quality mask. Comparable to those that I get during facial. Not to mention the $2 only. But it is not suitable for my skin.

I have passed it to my SO, who also has oily skin. After he used it, I see that his face really looks lighter, as the charcoal has cleansed out the dirt. (Just like how my skin looks so much brighter, and not dull, after I started going for facials.)

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