Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aloe Bubbling Make-Up Remover

I think most of the girls would be very eager to know whether a $2 makeup remover works well right? haha, I was also equally curious.

Aloe Bubbling Make-Up Remover

Available: Daiso $2

Volume: 80g

Star Properties: Contains Aloe Vera stuff to help remove dirt from makeup.

The tube and cap is as good as any other tubes of skincare, like Nivea, or Vichy. So no worries. If one just saw the picture alone, with all the Japanese words, one would probably guess that this is a Japan-made product, or at least a Japanese brand that may cost anywhere from $10 to $30 (like those The Face Shop products).

I almost wanted to put it back on the stand, when I saw that the second ingredient is Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS). My body skin is sensitive to SLS, and I get little red bumps if I use those body foam with high SLS content.

The last line of ingredients also contain Methylparaben, Ethylparaben and Propylparaben. But I figure that this is still better than my Sasa two-phase rose makeup remover, which has paraben in the middle chunk of the ingredients.

Sensitive Skin
I am so happy to announce that despite the not so stella list of ingredients, my sensitive skin did not break out from it!

The Gel
It comes in a transparent and very watery gel form. If you buy this product, please remember to cap it immediately after pouring the gel out. Otherwise, it will flow and flow and flow. Yes, I left mine uncapped, and lying down... So as gravity and Science dictates, the gel flows until the level of gel is level with the mouth of the tube. And my floor was foamy when I flushed it. =((( Wasted a lot.

As usual, I notice the fragrance. Definitely there, since fragrance is the last ingredient on the list. It smells very familiar, like something I have used before. Neutral to me. I don't find that I especially like the smell. But I wouldn't call it unpleasant. (Vitamin E and Tea Tree are the irritating ones that I dislike.)

It's a nice feel. Smooth enough. No rubbing during wash.

After feel
Be assured that this is not stripping at all. My face felt very normal. Not as soft and smooth as Laneige Refreshing Cleansing Oil will leave me. But $64 vs $2, I am not expecting Daiso to give me soft and smooth after feel like Laneige.

Makeup Removing Effectiveness
VERY effective, in my opinion. Maybelline Gel Liner is the most stubborn makeup that I have, which even cleansing oil like Neutrogena also failed to remove it (which is why I fail Neutrogena Deep Cleansing Oil, not recommended to buy that).

I am so, so, so amazed with its capabilities.

Just follow the instructions, and take a cherry size amount, foam it with a little water, and wash your face.

I don't own the Majorlica Majorca mascara, which is very famous for being so stubborn. So I can't give a review if this removes MM mascara. But I am using Maybelline Intense XXL, which I believe many girls have too. And it comes off without any tugging.

I love it: 4.5 hearts.

Deduct marks for the too watery texture that pours out of the tube the moment you open the cap. And also deduct marks for the ingredients containing more no good stuff like SLS and paraben. Otherwise, this is a so awfully worth it product. $2 only. Exceeds expectations by a lot!

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