Monday, August 17, 2009

Eversoft White spf50pa+++ Intensive Sunscreen Moisturizer

Yet another cheap and good thing to rave about. =)

Eversoft White spf50pa+++ Intensive Sunscreen Moisturizer

Available: NTUC (promo $11.30)

Volume: 40g

Star Properties: Sakura extract and lipo-vit C concentrate, to give whitening and UV protection

Eversoft White in box.

Back of box, with description in English and Chinese.

I think the packaging is very good. No problems. Both the box and the tube are in nice colour combination of blue and white, which I like. And both have detailed description of the sunscreen.

The tube is easy to squeeze, and the mouth is just nice for you to control the amount dispensed. It also has a secure twist open cover.

The pretty white and blue tube that I really like.

Back of tube with description.

With the cap open. Easy to squeeze and control mouth.

The first thing that I consider now when I wish to buy a sunscreen, is whether it contains alcohol or not. I believe most of you would know that alcohol dries your skin and clog pores, thus causing the skin to age and pimples to appear. And I am so happy to announce that though cheap, Eversoft is one of those sunscreens that is alcohol-free!

The ingredients list.

Eversoft is so much easier to spread than the Avene Very High Protection Cream. For its SPF of 50, I really love how well it spreads.

Some people may not like fragrance, but for me, I like it. And I think it's a very pleasant smell that lasts a while.

After feel
After applying on my skin, my skin feels a bit sticky. But definitely not oily. Which I like. Once the cream is absorbed into the skin, the stickiness goes off, leaving my skin very soft. I think the moisturizer property is definitely there. =)

There is a slight sheen of silver on my face. But I am not really concerned about that. It makes my face looks oily, but it is not. I can apply loose powder to matte it out after the stickiness goes off. But for those who don't like shiny sunscreen, you will be disappointed with this.

Sensitive skin
Apart from the very first time, when I experience a slight slight tingly sensation at the base of my nose (probably due to Vit C
This is definitely my Holy Grail product! When NTUC gives discounts, I hope to stock up on this, so I can use it on my body too. =))))

Now I use Avene for my body, to finish up the tube, cos Avene is just too oily. And Eversoft for my face. Love it. Love it.

I love it: 5hearts.

If planning to buy, please note the silver sheen. Testers are available at NTUC, so try before purchase. =))) And there is the tinted version but in spf35 too.

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