Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Avene Very High Protection Creme SPF50

Actually, I got this in a promo pack long ago. But haven't thought of posting about it, because I don't feel that it's worth raving about.

Avene best-sellers in a promo pack: Avene Thermal Water, Avene Cleanance Soapless Gel, Avene Very High Protection Creme SPF50+

haha, but my Polymer Technology professor talked about why some creams/moisturizers are harder to spread than others, so I am reminded of Avene sunscreen. Because Avene sunscreen is the most viscous (hard to slide) skincare product that I own.

Avene Very High Protection Creme SPF50

Available: Watsons, Guardian

Volume: 50ml

Star properties: Made with Avene Thermal Spring Water in France

Avene Very High Protection Creme SPF50 in a tube.

Basically, Avene is a brand specially made for people with sensitive skin, including eczema sufferers. All their products are made with their Thermal Spring Water in France. And this water is uncontaminated, thus especially suited for sensitive skin. I shall not make my post too wordy by introducing Avene. You may check out their website here, for details.

Description and directions for use.

Ingredients list.

Honestly, I do not like the look of this product. Kind of too white and too wordy, even though my favourite colour is white. And the logo of Avene is actually some messily coiled circle of lines, which if uninformed, I wouldn't know what it means. It just looks messy and unappealing. But that coil of lines is actually a sketch of the spring where Avene water comes from - the source of the miracle special healing water.

I wouldn't buy this if not for the number of raves from so many girls. Plus, I have sensitive skin, and I needed something with assurance.

The first thing I noticed is that it comes in a tube, which is not my favourite form of dispense. But anyway, what gives the headache is the fact that the cream somehow sticks around the dispensing mouth. Even when I try squeezing vertically, the cream still does not falls cleanly into my hand. So it ends up that I always have to wipe the cream of with tissue.

If you look closely at the picture, you will see a slight pop up around the mouth. I think they should redesign that part.

Design of opening, that I find inconvenient.

Otherwise, the box and tube are in nice orange, so if you like orange, you will be very happy. =)

The second thing I notice every time I use it, is the smell. It is not unpleasant, but it is not the most pleasant I've come across as well. I just don't like the smell. hahaha, but anyway, just have to bear with it, because all sunblocks have weird smells, like Coppertone. LOL.

This cream is very difficult to spread. I need the length of one segment of my finger to fully cover my face once. But then again, it doesn't matters, because when applying sunscreen, you need the full length of your middle finger to ensure you get all the protection you are promised.

So saying, I need to cover my face 3 times to get SPF 50. And this cream feels so heavy... ... =(

It is sticky on the face. And it takes a long while to be absorbed so that I don't feel the stickiness anymore. Which makes me weary of applying makeup after that. Afraid that my sunscreen would mix with the powder.

Yes, this is VERY oily. And it gives me pimples. But I guess, it is by no fault of Avene, because the package does say "For Dry, Sensitive Skin". I have sensitive skin, but definitely not dry (I do not flake, and I don't have eczema). Dehydrated (lack of water), yes. But not dry (lack of oil).

So I think it is right to caution all readers that if you don't have dry skin, please don't buy the orange one that says "For Dry".

Avene has other sunblocks, like one in white tube, and one in a spray bottle. Maybe you can try the rest.

I should think it is alright, as they say, since it does not stings. But I still got breakouts from the oiliness.

I love it: 1 heart

I am giving credit to indicate that it is highly raved about. And it is also known that doctors recommend the brand Avene to people who see them regarding sensitive skin problems. However, this product really does not suits me, and I don't like the feel of it too.

I will not repurchase.

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