Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It's Ever Soft Today

I've never thought I will enjoy Supermarket products. I am not a brand snob. But although I aim to introduce only good and value for money lower budget beauty products, I also wish to maintain a certain quality in these products, so that we can all enjoy without worries.

But recently, out of boredom in my bathroom, and boredom from my own cleanser (I have been using the same bottle since August last year), I decided to try my father's cleanser (which is bought by my mother). And that cleanser is Eversoft Pomegranate Cleanser White and Firming.

Eversoft Pomegranate Cleanser White and Firming

Available: NTUC, Shop & Save $4.75

Volume: 100g

Star Properties: Geez, I will update this once I kope the tube from the bathroom.

The 100g tube of Eversoft Whiten & Firm Facial Cleanser

Description: Pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant that renews and firms up your skin by neutralising the damage caused by UV and free radicals. Vitamin C whitens, protects, and lighten dark spots for an even skin tone. Suitable for dry/combination skin.


I am indeed very attracted by their packing, which I feel is prettier than a lot of high end brands. I like the green. And I like the fact that Eversoft has so many flavours!!! I like the things I use to come in a 101 colours. The Rice Milk and Honey flavour caught my eye.

The reason why I decided to try it is because of the absence of Sodium Laureth Sulfate. I am slightly allergic to SLS, cos red bumps appear on my skin for most of the normal bath foams I have every used.

The ingredients list.

The thing about tube form stuff is that no matter how you squeeze, they never seem to finish. Pump bottle stuff always goes down more quickly. Like most of the facial products that come in tube form, just press a green bean size amount (about 2mm long from the tube) onto your palm, rub your palm together to foam it, then apply on your face. Given 100g of this product (I saw that there is new extra 30% tube), this tube will last more than a year for me. $4.75 for a year, WHOA!!!

Washing experience
It is very smooth, and I can do simple face massage without tugging at my skin. And I love the fragrance from the pomegranate I guess.

Rinse-off feel
This is the part that I am extremely particular about. Unlike many of the tube form facial cleansers that I've tried before, Eversoft does not leaves my skin dry and tout. It is slightly tout, or more like what I call firm, but definitely not dry. Which is simply amazing for a supermarket brand.

Sensitive Skin
It is not irritating at all. Which surprises me since whitening products normally contain allergens. Maybe it will not really whiten in the long run. But honestly, I am not even expecting supermarket brands to fulfill what they write on the package. My main concern is the rinse-off feel and allergen-free, plus a nice smell, I am happy enough.

Overall, I feel that Eversoft is by far the best Supermarket brand. Compared to Shokubutsu, Eversoft's ingredients are so much more skin friendly. Shokubutsu is just normal soap add whatever extract at the last part. And compared to the new UV White O2 Advanced advertise by Quan Yifeng, UV White is slightly irritating on my skin.

I wish to hear from people with Oily Skin who have used this product. Would like to know if this supermarket brand can effectively control oil... ...

I love it: 4.5 hearts.
Marks deducted as the after rinse feel is still not as good as my own cleanser. My Evarro/Decosmet cleanser literally leaves the skin smooth, soft, and soothe all the pimples and red bumps.

Most of the marks awarded are for it being able to beat brands like Bio-essence, Pure, Vichy, Kiehl's, in terms of after-rinse feel and non-allergy properties.

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