Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ear Piercing & Earrings Haul

I have not bought any earrings for like the longest time ever. I am still wearing a metal ring one from 女人街 in HK. I even wear it to swim. I really like the design of that, and it doesn't irritates my earhole.

I am still quite surprised at the quality of street-sold earrings in HK. Because I am very sensitive, and about 3 of my earholes have closed after irritation from normal street-sold earrings in Singapore.

There is something I read from an issue of Urban from The Straits Times which I think would be good to share.

For people who are piercing their ears for the first time, it is better to ask for surgical steel studs, although this would mean the price would be somewhere around $10 or more for one earhole.

But this is very worth it for people with sensitive skin. Very likely, people with sensitive skin would develop something called "Nickel-sensitivity", if they do not pierce earholes using extremely low nickel content ear studs.

Nickel-sensitivity is undesirable, because this means that other parts of your skin (remember, your skin is one big connected organ), will also be sensitive to nickel, and you will end up unable to wear normal necklace, bracelets or anklets etc. Nickel-sensitivity is not confined to the ear, although it was induced from the earhole.

I myself, most likely have got this problem, the area of skin around my necklace turns red and itchy after the ear piercing. I am sensitive to metal watch straps too. Especially if there is sweat.

So, it is better to be safe than sorry. Since buying and avoiding high nickel content accessories is pretty troublesome and more expensive in the long run. Just be cautious that even so called purer gold jewelery may have high nickel content. So you must ask the sales assistant before purchase.

Anyway, just want to share a place where you can get cheap and beautifully designed earrings.

It is a shop on the 2nd floor of Orchard Cineleisure, called Beadstreet. Service is good when you are paying, and the staff is helpful if you ask questions (but I did not need any help there).

My haul of earrings, totaling to only $10.30.

The big round ones, which suits my long hair, are my favourites. I really like the sweet, gentle colours, and the flowers. They are so nicely printed even though it goes for only $0.90 each!!! wow! These designs are good for casual wear, and I think the red flower one is even good enough for dinners, if you match your clothes nicely.

I thought it would be nice to stock up on casual earrings, as mine current stash are very *bling bling* and extremely formal.

The 2 doll face plastic square earrings are so unique that I just had to get them. Also only at $0.90 each.

The blue rose is bought with my SO in mind, as he likes me to wear things blue. Also $0.90.

Only the small metal ring one at the bottom is $4.90. Since I am so happy with the metal rings from HK, I thought I should get one more for backup. I like ring earrings a lot, especially those thick band ones.

So visit the shop now, before it disappears. I am so afraid it will disappear, because they are selling things so cheap in Orchard, they may not be able to cover the rent for longer. I really like the way the designs are unique, in that I can't even find these on blogshops, not to mention standard mass production accessories shops like Chomel and Diva. =)

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