Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mentholatum Lip Pure Lip Balm

I bought this because the Watsons that I was at does not carry Yes to Carrots or Eco Lips. And I was really attracted by what is written on the packing and the white, white tube. White is my favourite colour. =) I am also quite curious about Mentholatum, an emerging drugstore brand, whose other new product is the Men's facial care line. I think the cooling charcoal cleansing wash in the diesel-like pump bottle is quite cool.

This is something that I did not see on Viva Woman's, so I guess I will review it.

Mentholatum Lip Pure Lip Balm

The front of the package. It says Natural Beeswax, 100% Food Grade, Natural Plant Ingredients, and Fragrance Free.

Available: Watsons $7.90

Volume: -

Star Properties: 100% food grade, natural plant ingredients. Good for sensitive lips.

I think this is the most caring lip balm ever, as it does not stays on my lips for beyond 3-4 hours. But rather, it dissolves right into my lips, like applying moisturizer on my hands. And this is proven by my really, soft, and totally unchapped lips left after the 3-4 hours. And the best part is that my lips remain nice after that. It really heals, unlike petrolatum from my Make Up Store Aroma Balm, which did heal, but 1-2 days later, the wounds are back again.

However, this being so, I am not too sure if it will do good if you want to apply lipstick over. I have not tested it with lipsticks yet.

It is indeed very pure, like it claims, and like the image that the creamy white tube impresses you with. Totally no smell. LOL, I was actually trying to test for smell because I quite like fragrant skin care stuff. Then I found myself so silly to do that, since it already claims that it is fragrance free. And no taste too.

The back of the packaging. It says No Preservative or Colourant. And that is the ingredients list which looks very tiny. Only the last one says Butyl Hydroquinone, one of the last one is Tocopherol. The rest of either oils or waxes.

Absolutely non-sticky and non-oily. I really love it so much, since I am adverse to sticky and oily skin care stuff. I can't stand even the thinnest film of oil.

Just a caution, as it says no preservative, and food grade ingredient, so I think you may want to keep using it after you start on it, as I am quite afraid it will expire if you take too long to finish it. I don't know.

All I can say is, this lip balm is exactly what it claims to be! And if after reading the packing, you like it, you will definitely like it and not regret the buy. I like the way it resembles a lipstick so well too!

The resemblance to a lipstick, and the creamy white tube that I love.

I think this ought to go onto the Hall of Fame for lip balms in my previous post. =)))

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