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Looking for Skincare - Shop Tour @ Bugis

I was at Parco Bugis Junction again last Friday, to look for suitable toner and moisturizer as my current ones are running out. In fact, there is not a drop left of Kiehl's sample size moisturizer that I got 8 months ago. The sample should probably only last 2 months if used daily.

And wow! To my delight, there a number of skincare shops that are big enough there. I dislike small Watsons. But Watsons@Bugis on the 2nd floor is huge! (Apart from the Ngee Ann City one.) Yes, yes, I am beginning to like Watsons so much after they started carrying all sorts of funny brands this year. (I shall not digress from this topic, will post on Watsons in a later post.) I love the location of Watsons in Bugis. They have really got it right by standing right besides the escalator.

And opposite Watsons, are Fancl, Skin Food and The Face Shop (TFS) (see how big Watsons is, to be facing 3 shops). Fancl is so unnoticeable, because I did not see it the first time I visited Watsons. I saw Skin Food, but look at the crowd! Or rather, the LACK of crowd. And TFS, though the innermost, was the most crowded.

I like to judge shops and food stalls by crowds, and I was really surprised to see the empty Skin Food shop, as I know it is really HOT on the skin care scene right now. Especially the on at Jurong Point - so many people I don't feel like going in.

However, one reason why TFS has lured a nice crowd, not overwhelming, yet enough to see its popularity, is probably its GSS Discount! haha, discount - the lovely word that all shophalics wish to hear 365 days a year.
TFS is having a 20% storewide discount, and 10% additional for members, plus another 5% on for birthday boy/girls who are members. No minimum purchase is required, though I think if a shophaholic sees such huge discount, he/she would not stop at a $2.50 item. lol.

Besides the 4 places above, there is still The Body Shop on Level 1, somewhere around the toilet where Charles & Keith is.

And so, I decided to start my search from Watsons. My primary goal was to find a moisturizer.

I have already read up on the internet on the things that might suit my sensitive skin, and was just looking to test it, while looking out for other brands.

So here goes the testing:
Neutrogena Fine Fairness
The latest range from Neutrogena was at the front of the display, in the most prominent position. So I tried the Fine Fairness Cream, and not the lotion with SPF 30 inside. I did not want anything with SPF in it, because SPF moisturizers should not be worn at night. And I prefer to keep my regime simpler, without too many bottles, so I refrain from buying an extra night cream just because the day cream has SPF.

Neutrogena Fine Fairness, picture courtesy of Neutrogena website

Available: Watsons $25.90

Star Properties: NEUTROGENA HealthyWhite Complex® is the foundation of NEUTROGENA Fine Fairness®. This potent combination of actives from nature works synergistically to give you healthy fair skin. Other good things can be read about here.

It feels really good on the back of my hand. The white cream is jelly like, but dissolves quickly and evolves into a watery texture that I patted dry. Something that is very light, and gives me the assurance that it will not react with my sensitive skin.

I previously had a bad experience with one of Neutrogena's first facial cleansers on the market, which appear more than 10 years back. Apparently, that experience scared me, and I never touched another Neutrogena bottle again.

However, this kind of texture seems to be the norm in today's market, where everybody is looking for lightweight, water-based moisturizers.

Water-based moisturizers are better for young skin compared to lipid-based ones, which the latter is known to clog pores of if too much is slapped on at a young age.

I am unable to judge if it really does all the whitening and moisturizing for the skin as this is only one time trial. But for the price, I think this is a very good range to try out if you are looking for whitening! Plus, I've just read on Neutrogena's website that it has chosen a few girls to test the range and they will publish it in Dec's issue of Women's Weekly. =) Look out for this.
I love it: 4 hearts.

Eucerin Hydro-Balance Refreshing Hydrating Cream (Light Texture)
I had to try this, as I have seen so much of its advertisement on Mind Your Body by The Straits Times. Eucerin is a brand, other than Avene, that touts its products to be suitable for sensitive skin, and provides for the normal sensitive to eczema-prone people, which I really support. I always feel that people with sensitive skin are so under-catered for, until recently.

Available: Watsons $30+ I think

Star Properties: Water-binding Isomerine which allows instant moisturization lasting for 24 hours especially designed for normal to combination skin.

In general, I really agree with the review that Paris B of My Women Stuff gives, here. So you can check it out too.

But something I want to add is that, I am not attracted to its packaging and design at all. I am fine with the tub form, but not fine with the wordy and doctor-like design. If not for Paris B, I will probably not touch Eucerin.

I love it: 3.5 hearts

kawaii TOKYO Brigten-up Gel (All-in-1 Step Skincare for Day & Night)
I would never have touched this if the very kind sales assistant for kawaii TOKYO did not approached me, and handed me brochures.

kawaii TOKYO's Brighten-up Gel, picture courtesy of kawaii TOKYO's website

Available: Watsons $68, and I believe, Sasa

Star Properties: 5 functions in 1 bottle, 100% made-in-Japan

This brand did catch my eye when I was in Sasa a few times, because I really like the Japanese words together with the oval-shaped slightly vintage logo. But Sasa does not offers any trying for its hair products. So I thought it was a golden opportunity for me to feel from kawaii TOKYO. I told the SA that I was looking for moisturizer, and she immediately took the Brighten-Up Gel and press a generous amount onto the back of my palm.

Wow! You can imagine how much my eyes lit up when the watery light gel was massaged into my skin by the SA. I would say, this is the absolute lightest, least sticky cream that I tried that day. Better than Neutrogena, Eucerin, and also The Face Shop.

But my mind really numbed when I heard that it costs $68 dollars.

The SA did tell me that it's an all-in-1, meaning that it comprises of the toner, firming essence, brightening essence, moisturizer and makeup base. So it means that you may actually be saving lots of money if you take an average of $30 for each of the 5 items = $150. Good right!

So after applying the Brighten-up Gel, just apply your sunscreen, and you're done! Cleanser, Gel, Suncreen, only 3 steps day and night for supple, bright and healthy skin. =))) kawaii TOKYO makes this specially for women with more active daily lifestyles, who don't have time for so many things in the morning.

I guess I was a little stunned at the $68 that I did not take the math into consideration. But I really support anyone who buys this, it's a good choice, and my skins felt in love with it when I applied it. Unlike the others I've tried. I am pretty sure it is suitable for my sensitive skin, as Japanese brands are always kind to me.

I love it: 5 hearts!

Orange: Topic points Olive Green: My tips Brown: Look out for this!

On the last note, I really want to talk about in-store service.

After spending time at Watsons, I strayed over to TFS. And I really must say, their SA have good service that warms my heart.

The first time the girl approached, I rejected her, saying that I wanted to browse on my own. Which she gladly left me to do so.

When I was about 3/4 through the shop and stopped to try the moisturizers at the skin care section, she came up again, non-intrusively. This time, I felt comfortable enough with TFS to ask her for advice on how to choose my moisturizer, as TFS has a whole array of brands that doesn't spell to you in the face, which brand is good for what skin type.

I was interested in TFS's Su Hyang Snow Toner, as it has got a very good string of reviews to back up. Not to mention the fact that the huge red circle spelling "BEST SELLER" is pasted under that toner. So the SA let me try that out. But not after she asked me basic questions like, what is my skin type, do I have allergies etc.

While applying it onto my hand, she explained to me its properties, and also what the other ranges were for. I will elaborate on TFS's products later on. She also told me about the discounts and membership offered. And at the end of it, I felt comfortable enough to tell her that I was going for a movie, and that I would stop by after the movie, and asked her for the closing time. Then I left. She did not show any signs of displeasure that I was not buying there and then, and that I might be just cooking up some excuses to leave the shop empty-handed. It was a no-pressure-on-me experience, that will bring me back to TFS again.

So I found my way down to The Body Shop. I've always kind of not very fond of TBS's service, because I have been into many of their branches, but I don't remember any of them serving me. I was always fuddling with the concealer and trying out the perfumes. But I was pretty much left alone until I walk out. I do like TBS, but well, maybe not the service.

Anyway, I eventually went back to TFS and got another range called the Eco-Vert for my toner and moisturizer. Loving it so far, and I review it in another post. Thank you so much, Love.

So this is all for my skincare shop tour. Stay beautiful, all.

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