Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Of Japanese, Chinese and Western

Of Japanese, Chinese or Western cuisine, I like them all!

I am fine with any food, expensive or cheap, as long as it tastes nice, I wouldn't say no.

Below is food from one of the restaurants in the newly opened Tampines 1 shopping mall.

This one is from Cheeze:

This is the Chicken Baked Rice, which I just had to try. See the cheese lines on top? I always make it a point to try out all baked rice, and benchmark them against Swensen's. Unfortunately for my taste buds, and fortunately for Swensen's, I still cannot find any place in Singapore that makes better baked rice than Swensen's. Hooray for the unbeatable! Yummy to Swensen's Chicken and Curry Baked Rice - Still the Best in Singapore.

And this is the Strawberry Cheesecake Yoghurt Drink from Cheeze. Looks nice right? It IS. haha, but fattening. Very. Especially after eating all the other cheesy things. Well, for us, cheese lovers, this restaurant is just the right place. There is even a cheesecake counter outside, so that busy cheese lovers can takeaway some delights.

And I got to go to this Japanese restaurant on another day, also at Tampines 1.

This is the front view from my seat. Not bad. The decorations gives a nostalgic village feel, which I like. I love vintage, and reminiscence.

And this is a closeup of the decorations up there. See all the pots and pans? =)

This is what I ordered. Omelette rice in two kinds of sauce. Pretty expensive considering all I get is a thin slice of egg and rice inside. No meat.

The tea is very good though. Very sweet and fragrant. $3 a cup, but worth it. Plus, I like the big surface area cup that it is being served in. This allows the tea to cool very fast for people with low patience level like me.

This is all the food that we ordered.

The dessert, fruit pie in fresh cream, is the signature item for this restaurant. We queued very long for this. And each person was limited to 2 flavours. Obviously, this is blueberry and mango pies. Nice to eat, but I feel that it's fattening. And a little expensive. Lots of people queue up just to takeaway this dessert home though.

Ah, haha, last but not least, from Tampines 1 - J.CO Donuts!!!
Oooo, I finally get to taste it.
The famous donuts from Indonesia.
You know, it's pretty weird. But people coming back from Indonesia tend to takeaway a box of donuts from Dunkin or J.Co. Me too did that when I went to Jakarta. Stuffed the box in the luggage compartment at the top of the plane, hoping that donuts and I land safely. lol.

The cover of the box for a dozen donuts. Yes, we bought 12 donuts at one go! hehe. Ultra fattening. But sometimes, some things are worth wasting your calories on.

It's supposedly from Thai, with Ice Thai Tea and Iced Thai flavoured donuts... Btw, Thai Tea is nice. I always must try the Thai tea at any Thai restaurant that I go into (and of course the green curry and breaded chicken wings). Anyway, the box says Jakarta, KL and Singapore. So the not all parts of Indonesia has it, and the people in M'sia get to eat it too! =)

My donuts from afar. I sneaked away two before I remembered to take pictures. :P

And my donuts closeup.
LOL. OOoo, I tell you, see the one in orangey yellow and yellow cream in the middle? That's Mango flavoured. And it's the nicest of the lot!!! I definitely will just go for it next time.

The rest are okay only, to my disappointment. See the two white powdered ones, those are icing sugar. No taste. The white one without the hole has cheese cream in the middle, which is not bad. The green tea (bottom left corner) one taste strange. The chocolate one has banana flavoured cream in the middle. Not too bad. But trust me, if you have to choose one, get the MANGO!

And for the last of this post, it's Chinese cuisine! Not from Tampines 1 anymore.
It's TOAST BOX @ Bugis.

We found it while we were so hungry, and couldn't find a seat in MacD. It's located behind MacD.

Look at the vintage interior. Wow, I just love it. I am really a sucker for anything vintage. I like vintage European, vintage Chinese, vintage American, vintage Thai/Indo/Bali etc.

Look at the fans. They actually have fans! (There are aircon systems at the entrances, but not as visible.) And the lamps, the window arches... I *heart* it.

This is taken from my seat, just besides the counter cum kitchen. The garnie sacks used to contain coffee beans are so unseen of in today's world. The white stand there has flower motifs as carved ins. Also, there's the tiles on the side of the counter walls.

I did a closeup of the jars of sauce on the counter.

And a closeup of the staff in front of the butter jar. Cute right, the jars.

And here comes my food! Service was a bit slow that day, as the person who toasted the bread was a trainee. And I heard the supervisor telling the trainee to redo the bread as it was not sliced properly. Wow, such high standards.

Anyway, this is Hainanese Chicken Curry. Very, very nice. And makes the $5.80 for the meal set meal worth it. The barley drink is homemade and the beans are filtered out, I like! The bread so crispy, and the curry so thick and flavoured. I would say, quite a lot of coconut milk. But I like. They give 3 chicken wing halves, 2 potatoes and 2 tau pok. Very filling for me. =))) I just love it!

So this is all for my long, foodie post. tata.

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