Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Eye Makeup

Just something that I'd like to make a note to myself in case I forget it in future: My Eye Makeup.

I must first declare that I don't wear makeup on an everyday basis. I am an amateur, and I only don the colours when someone I am meeting tells me I look better in makeup. haha, yup, I can be quite vain. I like to look my best.

So saying, I need this post to archive my hard-learned makeup techniques. LOL.

Below is my humble sketch of how to apply eyeshadow, and how to draw eyebrows:

The eyeshadow technique using green and labeled 1, 2, 3 and 4 at the top of the page, is what they call the The M Rule by Shisedo MAQuillAGE. Shisedo did a study on the everyday Japanese woman, and came out with how they make their eyes look larger. So gals, take note!

I am totally in love with the technique, as it's SO simple to follow, and so effective.

The M Rule:
(Use 4 matching shades of the same colour, like what I've done above)

1. Apply the 2nd darkest colour in the crease, the eye socket and right up till the outer corner of the brows, as shown. Remember to leave a V-shape at the edge, as seen.

2. Apply the darkest shade at the left and right 1/3 of the crease.

3. Apply the 2nd lightest shade in the middle 1/3 of the crease, between the darkest colour.

4. Apply the lightest shade at the little portion of the inner corner of the eyes, until about 5mm under the lower eyelids.

I've found out that this method works very well, because when the sun/light is shining, it sort of reflects on the 2nd lightest colour in the middle of your eyes. Making your eyes very 3D, and bright. You know, like when you look at a polished apply under light, there this side that will shine bright bright right. =)))

Next, we move to the red and pink eyeshadow. That's the traditional pattern you should draw for 2 shades of the same colour. The simplest if you want pattern. The simplest way to apply eyeshadow is of course just to brush one colour into the crease only.

Then the yellow and orangey red one. That's the basic of what is know as cai zhuang - a style of eyeshadow application that is normally sweet like paddle pop ice cream, and does not requires the shades of colour to be of the same colour. Meaning, you can match pink with blue with yellow.

This colour combi is my current favourite, as it's so simple, and suits my skin colour. I saw it applied on an HK TV actress.

Just apply the yellow/gold as the inner eye colour. And blend the red from the outer corner, meeting each other half way across the crease.

Lastly, the diagram with the nose and ears, that's for brow drawing. The one most girls like, arched mountain pattern.

Okay, I am sure you can see the lines. But I will just put it in words in case.

1. The arch has to be at the 1/2 way mark of your outer eye white. (So you can sort of mark that point with your eyebrow pencil.)

2. From there, draw outwards along the imaginary lines that connects the arch point to the highest part of your ears. (Use a long brush to help you visualize the line if you need.) Stop drawing at the point when you reach the line that connects the edge of your eyes (or edge of your eyeliner, I know sometimes girls extend the eyes with eyeliner), to the outermost corner of your nose.

3. Starting from the arch point again, draw inwards, sloping at an angle such that the end of your brow is horizontal with the other end of your brow. Stop at the vertical line that is drawn from the inner edge of your eyes, as shown.

Brow tips:

Start from the arch because your eyebrow should be slightly thicker and darker around the middle, thinning out towards the edges. Otherwise, it will look like you really put too much makeup.

The two ends of the brow should be sharp, it should be a tip, not a squarish end or something. Or else people think you draw wrongly.

And at the end of it, use the brow comb to comb down your eyebrows in the direction they grow in. =)

My 2-cents worth on eye makeup. Hope it helps if you are reading. *smiles*



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