Monday, April 13, 2009

Citispa - Spa Deligh & Spa Harmony

I decided to try out spa services by Citispa last Friday.

Branch: Century Square, 5th floor

Item: Spa Delight $38 promotional price
Only for females.

Includes: 1 x Steam Bath
1 x Jacuzzi
1 x Massage

The steam bath machine is really nice. I like it, and if I have money next time, I don't mind installing one in my home. It was set at a comfortable 37 deg. C.

The jacuzzi, though comfortable, felt normal. Just like those swimming pool massagers. Not as special as I thought it was. It was my first time.

The massage was horrible. No effect to soothe my muscles at all. It was done by a Chinese national. More of tui na than body massage. My package only included upper back to head massage. I think True spa full body massage is much much much better.

My significant other tried the following:

Item: Spa Harmony @ $68

Includes: 1 x Steam Bath
1 x massage

Steam bath was done with the same machine.

The massage was painful at many times. Only done on the back to head.

Final Verdict: 0 hearts.
It is not the worth the money at all, even though I thought $38 was cheap enough initially. Don't bother to try.



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