Monday, April 06, 2009

让爱你的人忍受无止禁的伤痛 - The Suicide Issue

~ Win (by Edmund Chen) in the last episode of Perfect Cut

How much I felt when I heard this words... ...

The pain, the agony, the lost, the refusal to come to terms... ...

I believe suicidal intent is transient. And I also believe that suicide is an unpardonable act of selfishness, based upon those words quoted.

I wonder how many people in this world have lost their people they know to suicide?

I wonder how many of my friends have lost kins to suicide.

It is strange that people never want to talk about this, not even to their closest ones. There is still a stigma in this issue. A sort of sensitivity that no one wishes to say. Is it a lose of face? Is it sadness and pain? I think it's a mixture of both.

~ lyrics from 分手快乐, sung by Fish Leong

In other words, it says that life and fortune is in one's hands, and one's hands alone.

I am sure at some point in time, all of us will talk ourselves into living a life with smiles. A life of happiness. Who doesn't wants to be happy? There are points in time, we promise ourselves to be good, to go on. But it seems, life is fragile.

I cannot confirm that afterlife is beautiful, but I know that life is beautiful. Let's take a step back and breathe in the world, for it is beautiful. Treasure your life.


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