Wednesday, January 07, 2009

3rd day of school

Should I say time passes fast or time passes slowly? haha. I think this time it's not fast or slow... Just neutral. It's my 3rd day since school reopen on Jan 5, for my 2nd Sem of Year 3.

I just painted another nail colour yesterday. But it's still not fully dry yet. I am trying this new brand called Honey Sweet $3.90 from Venus.

[to upload photo]

I bought it because it comes in my SO's favourite colour - Baby Blue.
But I don't really like it. I have to paint it really thick, so that it covers my whole nails. And it's so hard to dry. Most importantly, it's not worth it because the resultant colour is not baby blue, as you see it in the bottle, but some light blue that reminds me of colour pencil. For those of you who remember, there is this double-sided colour pencil that you probably used before when you were young, and it's the blue that is coupled with the pastel pink. I should seriously go look for it and take a picture of my nails with it. Think it would match perfectly. hahaha.

So I guess I am still going for my SO's D&D afterall. At first, they wanted to charge non-staff $60. But the response was lukewarm, and to increase the number of attendees, they decided to lower it to $30.

Yup, so I am looking forward to painting my nails violet and putting the fake eyelashes I just bought, on that night. It would be my first time =))) *anticipation* Maybe I should video myself doing that, and time myself too. See how I fare against XX's BFF challengers. It would be fun.

Then I have my dental appointment the next day. Still thinking whether I should postpone it, so I can spend more time with him... sigh. my teeeetttthhhhh. Already tahan 2 months liao.

No updates from XX. A bit bored.



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