Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So many updates!!! Dedicated to Khiel

Been trying out so many beauty products lately, and no time to blog about it.

Eye Cream
I am now using Khiel's Cryste Marine Firming Eye Treatment $70

It's so good, my friends can see the instant results. yes, it's instant. I swear by this cream.

For wrinkles, I have also tried Khiel's

Abyssine Eye Cream + $50

it works. but my primary concern is to fight the dark circles first.

Other Recommendations that I heard is good:

Eye Alert $40

This I have not tried. But many reviews and forums say it's good. And it's the cheapest of the lot.

I am also using Khiel's Cleanser for sensitive skin $53
I can't find the image now... But it's transparent bottle and the contents are pure white. It feels oily on application. But is actually not. Spreads well with and without water. So far so good on my ultra hypersensitive skin. But I prefer Evarro Cleansing gel better. It's fragrant too. Khiel's is does not have any fragrance.

I also bought the Yerba Mate toner $53
So far so good. But can't be applied on eye area. which makes it a little troublesome. and it means I have to spend on eye cream too... (if I don't already use it)
I don't really like it though it suits my skin... I am still trying to find a suitable toner, as I think the Evarro one is okay only.

I go to the Tampines Mall branch. And the staff is really helpful in getting suitable range for your skin. Just have to voice out your problem. Don't be shy to ask for the price. The staff is not the stuck up kind. She even offered to give samples of those things that I said I think I need. And you can ask for any samples you are interested in. They are generous with that.

I got a free moisturizer and hand cream as part of the promotion to buy at least 2 items too.
the moisturizer is okay. i don't know if there's effect. I haven't tried the hand cream.

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