Friday, August 08, 2008


I really must put up my pics for this. Guess what my weight is last time?

haha, below is what I did to slim down:

1. Be disciplined.
2. Have a goal/dream in mind for motivation.
3. Strictly no snacks. Fruits and vegetables are ok. But in my opinion, I don't snack because I want to kick the HABIT of munching between meals. So nothing, strictly nothing but 2/3 meals.
4. Eat only half portion for all meals, including breakfast. (unless your breakfast is already very little, like 2 pieces of bread ok.)
5. No fatty/oily food. Steam, boiled etc.
6. Strictly NO SUGAR. Not even teh ni. No can drinks, fizzy drinks. Nothing but plain water.
7. Exercise at least 2 times a week. Exercise = repeatedly doing the same work with the same big muscle consecutively for 20 min. Jogging is the fastest. Think PE...
8. What Mind Your Body says... : eat carbo (half portion) (rice, potato, bread, biscuit etc) when your tummy growls. You brain is craving for carbo. Eat to get the full feeling, so you wouldn't eat some more. No point eating all chicken, egg, fruit, salad... I can vouch for this. Eating yoghurt etc doesnt makes you full. End up you will eat even more calories then you plan to.

*caution* the part that you treasure most - your breast will down size around half also. I don't know how to keep that. Anyone knows please comment. =) thanks =)

*note* do run, cos the fats in the thighs are hard to shed. you don't want to have unproportionate body.

remember -> slimming is about being disciplined, discipline is about repeatedly doing the small little things that you HATE most part of your life.
Always remember -> beauty queen said before, her favourite food is chocolate, but she has not eaten it for 5 years.

- thin not equal beautiful
- if what you want is beauty, aim for figure and proportion, think Lumimi
- in my opinion, no breast and butt is not nice.
- whatever I wrote above comes from my personal experience along with knowledge from some readings. It may at most serve as a guide, not "bible".

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