Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Hi, I am Joanne, currently doing Industrial Attachment for my 3rd Year Materials Science & Engineering course at NTU.

A certain group of friends have been calling me Auntie for 1 year plus. And I think the reason is mainly because I am a sup-until-all-the-lobang-finish queen. Genting trip, Taichung trip, Jakarta, loots from facial aunty, and my stunning shopping pattern... Also, I carry around a Doraemon bag, and I act and give very mummy advice.

I will start of with a few small tips for looking good.

1. If you don't have really slim thighs, like I do, wear your skirt at about 1 to 1.5 plams away from your knee caps. It flatters your legs better. Look out for this when you are purchasing dresses/skirts online too.=) [I don't have long legs, so I avoid wearing knee length or longer clothes too. That means my dress/skirt length is actually very limited]

2. Bundle up long hair if it gets messy (then nobody will know. hehe) I do this halfway through the day, as my rebond has worn out, and my hair curls and gets messy in the dry air-con room. (Or else I get friends telling me my hair is messy!)

3. Put your bottle of water besides the PC if you have a desk job like mine. Only then you will remember to reach for it frequently. (I am a water bucket, so I finish a bottle in an hour.)

4. The contrary holds! Never ever put junk food by your desk. Over-eating unhealthy food tends to makes your skin oily, and foster pimple growth. It builts up the tummy, and fats around the body too.

Signing off... ...! Will update whenever I think of or come across something.

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