Monday, December 29, 2008

Coffee & Toast

I was so hungry today that I tried Coffee & Toast.
Went to collect the Sasha Bear that my love won from OCBC, at Suntec.
I woke up so late, I just skipped lunch, prepared myself, and left home.
I've always thought that eating toast and tea outside of home is totally not worth it.
But today, I was alone, and I don't want to eat good food alone, also lazy to find a foodcourt, so I just thought, buy some bread from BreadTalk, and that's my lunch. But then, BreadTalk got no seats, then along the way to MRT from citylink mall, I saw
Coffee & Toast! Looks good as there were lots of people. So I sat down to try. Luckily there was one last table for me. hehehe.
4.5 stars =)))
The half boiled egg is cooked hard enough, yet the yolk still flows. Definitely better than what I can do at home. Normally half boiled eggs sold outside are too uncooked.
The croissant toast ham & cheese is so nice. How do they melt the cheese so nicely???
Plus the tea, is not 3 in 1.
Egg and tea are immediate serving. And just when I finish the egg, they serve the bread to my table. The tea is hot, but drinkable immediately. I hate waiting too long for tea to cool, sometimes I am so thirsty, it burns my tongue.
The croissant was a bit hot though, and not fully properly cut into half. I had to touch the hot bread to tear it apart. But I am glad they actually cut it in half, so it's easier to hold and eat.
Set D --> 2 eggs, 1 croissant ham & cheese, 1 local drnk @ $4.20 = WU HUA =)))
it was filling surprisingly.
but the space outside was a bit packed, seats pretty close to each other, not much walking space.
so yup, 4.5 stars! Much better than yakun (long waiting time) and Ah Mei cafe, expensice.



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