Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some more products!!!

I have been focusing more on my eye this past month.
I also tried BIO ESSENCE 24K BIO-GOLD Anti Dark Eye Circles Essence $43

It's okay. Seems to have results. But it's very toxic.
Some of it entered my eyes, and they sting even after I ran water over my eyes. Compared to the Khiel's one, it's not so smudgey and when it did enter my eyes, it did not sting.

It can be bought at leading stores like Watsons and Guardian.
Try to get it under promotion. I got mine as Buy-2-get-eye-mask free.
But I heard it's cheaper if you shop online at

I tried the Garnier eye roller tester $19.90
Not sure if there is results because I only tried it once at Watsons. But the feeling is great. The metal ball feels like ice roller when I am doing facial.
Garnier is actually pretty well-know among vainpots for their Sunscreen. I have not tried one myself. Because I have been using a Korean import (which I will share with you asap) for 2 years running.

Recently, I got the Garnier bodylight body scrub $16.90 from Watsons.
It came in a promo pack with the moisturizer. I haven't started on it. Only plan to use it when I get my epilator.

hmmm, what else do I have that's good?? I will update again.



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