Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year Day

We ordered delivery from Pizza Hut as both of us needed to rest after the long day out yesterday.

Also, Pizza Hut has something new called the Variety Meal Box $19.90.

Ta daa! See below.

Looks so yummy right. Looking at this picture, my mouth is watering again. But my love will never agree to having the same food twice in a row.

We had 2 curry chicken pan pizzas from the choice of pizza. We add on 2 curry chicken baked rice for dinner as well.

the pizza had a lot of onions, which I don't like. But basically, it's like normal eating at pizza hut. the chicken wings are yummy as usual. What surprised me was the hash brown. When i opened, the box, i was delighted, like a child, to see the star shape little things. Oh so cute!

And I love the fresh hand made tomato sauce served as well. I think it's for the Breadstix.

For the price, not bad. Considering, I totally love Western and pizzaz and pastas for a meal. hahaha. my love knows me so well. managed to get food that I like.

okay, I shall not rate this separately, just an overall rating - 4 stars. for the convenience and price, can try. =)

So that's my food for the day.

Now it's product time again!!!

*drumroll* excitedness.

Sephora Brand Mint Body Wash $12 or 150ml
Bought from Sephora, Takashimaya B1

The mint smell is strong and sweet while you are soaping.
The colour is exactly the same as the bottle.
So if you love pink, you can choose a shade of pink and apply it all over your body everyday! woohoo!

It's totally not soapy, but spreads very well - the mark of quality bath soap.
The coolness only kicks in after you have washed off, leaving your body cool and refreshing.
However, there doesn't seems to be much properties from the ingredients. Plus, there's lots of colouring as they have to make it the same colour as the packing.

Basically, unlike bodyshop products, that normally have some sort of treatment properties, this is more for the colour fun, brightening up your day, and basic cleansing and hygiene.

Use: 4.5 stars
Price: 3 stars (still affordable)

Overall I like it: 3.5 stars

Next: Bodyshop

White Musk® Sumptuous Silk Shower Gel

okay, very fragrant during soaping. Nice after shower feel. Totally transparent colour. Non-soapy and spreads very well.

I got my bottle free... so can't rate.

Overal feel: 3.9 stars.
this really makes me realise why people love body shop so much, and can become fans of it, having the whole bathroom crowded with body shop products. it's really good, but judging for average price of body shop products, I don't think this is for the ordinary people to use everyday. A slight luxury, just like Sephora. But still affordable if you really love it.

Last for the day:

Dove Hair Mask straight & silky.

Sticky, not easy to spread. Had to scoop a whole palmful to do up my hair, whereas, I use just a 5-finger pinch for my Mineral Mud Hair Mask. Only time it ever felt smooth was when I use water to start flushing it away. After thorough wash, I felt no difference at all. When my hair dried, it was still dry and frizzy, with no feel-able difference at all. I felt it was a total waste of $$. Don't buy if you don't want to regret.

Overall I like it: 0 stars.

okay, this is like my worst review for any product so far. I can't believe I can actually give 0 stars for something, because I am a very lenient, and very easily satisfied customer. Just give me something good, with quality that really does what you say on the packing, and I will rate well.

Oh well, nevermind. Now I just hope to use it up quickly, and use the container for stirring my powder self-prepared facial mask.

Going out for dinner. tata. =)

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