Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another day of Snow (Xiaxue)

Before I hit the pillows yesterday night, I realized I have to wake up at 9AM today!!! That means that I had only 6 hours, no, 5hours of sleep yesterday.

I wanted to rent a car for this New Year weekend, to fetch my SO to and fro work, and for our chalet and morning tea. But the lady said there is probably only a 7-sitter. So I guess, it's just too bad for us.

By the way, peeps, my SO found a cheaper car rental site for me:
As Low As $45/day Car Rental

Previously, I rented from a shop at Aljunied. But honestly, I don't like the service there. They seem to have some sort of attitude problem. It's like they own the cars, so they are very stuck up. I am thinking: C'mon, we are the ones with the money and pay you for the cars. People who cannot afford it don't rent cars, right??? (Unless you'd rather eat grass every meal). They play the game as if we have no $$$. For example, my friend who own a BMW has his car at the garage, so he rents a car... who says we people who rent have no $$$.

Although they rent to p-plate holders, and probably the cheapest in Singapore, I am never going to go back to them.

I have my contacts, and I can rent cars at the same price from another firm. PLUS, now I found this new website. Think I am going to try their service some day.

I would really like to post about my Christmas loots =))) I already have the photo ready - 1 big picture capturing ALL my prezzies from my SO over the entire Christmas week. Thank you lots! I have a present for you today too.

And probably on my next next post, will be my experience with the epilator. So sorry, I know I promised this review long time ago.

Also, I don't think I'll be posting over New Year. Going to a bbq cum chalet for countdown later. More pictures!!! weet!

Should I change my blog skin? But I like this theme, because it makes every post looks like part of a Grandmother-pass-down secret recipe to life and beauty... haha.
(okay, I know, I sound so confused. There are so many thought flowing through my mind right now.)



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