Wednesday, January 14, 2009


These few days, I have been quite excited over our mini eBay biz. Love got a free Brand New Deep Red Sony PSP Slim & Lite from his bank's lucky draw. And we decided to let it go online. So Love did the listing as I am clueless about how to use eBay. But subsequently, I am the one doing the monitoring, and the Q&A. I think I will be posting the item for Love too, as I more free time to schedule. I am quite proud of myself actually. From totally blur, don't even know how to buy items, now I can be admin for Love. Smart gal.

I think it's super fun to see the bidding "war" going on, and the price hike slowly, but surely. The thrill just totally hooks me. So current price for our 1st Couple Biz is $201 (shall not reveal who the bidder is). But many thanks! That shows my msn ad works.

Moral Of The Story: DO NOT ever ever throw your things. Put them eBay! 'Cos, there are ALL kinds of people out there, and you never know who might want what you think is useless. Don't judge because we are not fortune tellers.



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