Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oral Skin Supplements Work

I confess that I think oral skin supplements work.

I used to really doubt these things, think it's a waste of money, with a lot of side effects and all.

But I have this free bottle of Moisture White Capsules called Youth White Ex by Sante (click for more info). It's expiringin Jan 2011, so I thought, I should just eat it up. Been taking it for 2-3 weeks. And it seems that my face has become smoother, and less acne prone.

Feeling good too. haha.

I bought Hakubi White C2 by Sato a few weeks ago too. Haven't start on that, as I don't want to be taking too many pills at a time. (more info here)

This is another highly raved about product that truly works for skin whitening and reducing acne occurrence. The pink bottle C2 that I chose costs $32 without discount. I got it at around $25 after 20% Watsons discount. haha, so wait for the sale!!

They say the blue botte C is for people with oily skin or already very acne prone skin, stronger version of C2.

I feel like trying the Q10 cream for anti-aging. LOL.

Next time. =)



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