Monday, June 15, 2009

The New Paper New Face 2009

I can't believe it!
I actually plucked up the courage to go and try for TNP New Face this year.
I have been waiting for it since Face of 2009 in February that led me to discover TNP New Face.

Kinky & I registering
I feel so happy.
Imagine if your mother has been telling you to stay thin and don't get any scars, so that you can grow up to be a supermodel like Cindy Crawford, since you were 4 years' old?
I think this time, I really tried my best to fulfil this childhood responsibility, and to quote William Hung, "I have no regrets!". =)))

I am No. 64. Kinky being interviewed by a reporter after our catwalks.

I think I will try again next year. The last year, as I will be overage after that. :P

Recalls: I was so nervous that my smile and whole body was shaking. To think I ace my presentations, I have no problems doing face to face sales, and I had experience emceeing for more than 200 people. A little disappointed because of this. But really, it's an experience that I have learned from, and will take away into my life.

What made the trip really fruitful was meeting some of the interesting people from Stomp. There was Kinky_Me, ShereBanana, and KyuubiYoko.

Kinky, Shere, and Me. Look, she's so tall! =)

Kinky is No. 63 and Shere is No. 101.

Kinky is beautiful in person and also in personality.
Shere's eyes are as big as ping pong balls, literally.
She's so pretty, and I think she has a nice personality too!
Very cute behaviour.

Shere and the 4 other contestants who were on the stage together with her all got into the 2nd round. The closed doors audition is on the 27th June at 8am!! LOL.
All the others were mixed bloods, and she's the only one who's pure Chinese.
ShereBanana FTW! =)))))


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