Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fruitful days

I think exercise really does makes one feels good. The saying is not bulls**t. Especially when the exercise is my favourite - SwImMiNg!!! =)

And I love club pools. So much better than public pools. The water is less chlorinated. And there are fewer people. Normally, I can have my own lane, or half a lane to myself.

The best part is that I have my brother to go with me. It motivates me not to stop. Yes, exercise should have a buddy, IMO. :)

They say exercise only really burn fats if you are moving the same big muscle for more than 20 minutes continuously. Normally I will do 30-45 minutes = 20 - 28 laps.

I am pretty slow. But better than nothing. haha.

Oh, and I finally got down to trying my hands at making Bubble Tea! LOL. I have been observing them when I buy Bubble Tea. Now I can remember the recipe for many of the drinks. hahaha. Soon I will come out with my own menu, and name a corner in my house DreamCavern. That will be my home-based bubble tea cafe. haha.

I did Mango Red Tea. Nicey nice!


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