Monday, June 22, 2009

Makeup Remover

Suddenly have the mood to write on this.

My first encounter with makeup remover was 3 years ago, when I bought my first set of makeup and skin products from The Makeup Store.

Then, I already know that cleansing milk is good for removing makeup, and that it's extremely important to remove makeup thoroughly so that our pores will not be clogged, and develop bad skin.

I don't think I'll be doing my reviews in a formal fashion, feels like a robot.

My First Encounter
Deep Cleansing Milk

It appears that The Makeup Store is not selling this product anymore. I would say, it's okay only. Requires a lot of effort to remove the eyeliner and mascara, although the after feel is not bad due to the milk. I don't really like it, and my skin is slightly sensitive to it, so I totally stopped using it after 5 times. The whole tube wasted.

My Second Encounter
Rosewater Cleansing Water by Sasa Cosmetics

Absolute failure. It comes in a half water half oil mixture, so I have to shake it everytime before pouring out. Totally does not remove eye makeup, even though it reads "eye and face".

I bought it after checking out several brands, and Sasa's was the cheapest per unit volume.

My Third Encounter
Professional Makeup Remover for Normal to Oily Skin by Laneige

This comes at a hefty $63 per bottle after taking into account the exchange rate. It is recommended to me by my beautician, and as she has contact, I always get my Korean brand products directly from Korea, and flown over.

WOW! This is really unbeatable. I am still on the lookout for cheaper alternatives to it.

This cleansing oil cleans my makeup off so well. Just one press, the normal facial cleaning movements and tadaa! All the makeup is gone! All, including my super stubborn Maybelline gel eyeliner. =))) And the best part? It leaves my skin soft and smooth, no oil film at all!

The plus point of this wonder oil is that it comes in a clear bottle, so that you can see how much you've used. And also, it's press out, not squeeze out or pour out, which I really don't like.

100 golden marks to Laneige!

My Fourth Encounter
Fasio Point Eye Makeup Remover

The parts I don't like about it is that:
- it really doesn't works on wet skin at all,
- I need to pour a lot! and really soak up the cotton pad, for it to be as effective as it claims.

Other than that, the effectiveness is pretty good, and the price is very affordable too.

Click for my full review =)

My Fifth Encounter
Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

A print screen off the ad video. Credits to Fancl.

haha, this one is funny. I got a mini sample packet from a magazine. About enough to last me 6 times. Not bad right? Just so little little bit in that pack, I can use so many times.

Yea, that shows that Fancl's new creation is good!!

It comes very, very close to Laneige. And the only drawback, and maybe critical losing point for some people, is that it leaves a film of oil on my face, and I have to use my cleansing gel to wash again. (In the first place, one SHOULD use daily facial wash to wash again after cleansing off makeup. haha. But I am still quite particular towards this point.)

But it's much cheaper than Laneige. So for people whose top priority is the price, then Fancl is the best choice.

99 marks to Fancl!

I'd like to link an article from My Women Stuff. It's on Kao-Biore's Cleansing Oil, as shown below:
Print Screen of Biore Cleansing Oil and description off Kao's website

Due to its launch slightly after Fancl's launch, I was tempted to buy it and try, because I know that Biore's stuff is generally cheaper. But all reviews after I googled it shows one thing - DON'T BOTHER.

Here's the review from My Women Stuff: Biore Cleansing Oil

ookie dooekie! That's all for now.

Verdict: For makeup removers and cleansing milk/oil, stick to the pricier ones. This is really one thing that is 一分钱一份货. And for sensitive skin, I think sticking to oil form is better. Milk forms tends to make me itch.

PS: I've not tried, but heard that Shu Uemera's Cleansing Oil is a cult favourite. However it's triple digits price, still not within my ability.


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