Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why Stomp?

I shall not write on why I want to go to forums, but rather, why I choose to go to Stomp, and not other places like Flowerpod or Hardwarezone.

IMO, and IMO only, I think FP is a bit fake and hao lian, too strictly moderated so that I feel I don't have enough freedom. The moderation makes thread go ALL the way back to 2005, so hard to read.

HWZ, especially EDMW, has too many guys, and too many xmm pics. I am not a guy, so not my cup of tea.

So saying, FP is good for cold hard info, like if you want to buy cosmetics, or those vainpot thingy. I like, always go there to become more knowledgeable in being vain. LOLz.

And EDMW is good for xmm pics. :DDD

For Stomp, I think Stomp is very, very real. Real until sometimes, cannot take it. But it's real. People (from Singapore Seen), can be really selfish, silly, and inconsiderate. People from Talkback are not as conservative as Singaporeans I meet outside. And I think, I quite enjoy the company of some people I would call friends there.

At the end of the day, it's a very much "to each his own" world. Nobody can really stop/force anybody to be/do what he/she likes/wants. =) So back to Stomping!


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