Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Must-watch" Labels

On a happier note after I spent my last few days devouring videos after videos of Air Crash Investigation/Mayday, I'm inspired to talked about my favourite movie directors, actors/actresses, and production companies. And I am going name them the "Must-watch" Labels.

I think over the decades, there are some things become true brand names, even people can become a branding in itself. And on movies, I am a follower of "brands". I must go to the big screens to look at these "brands". To me, everything they ever come out with, is GOOD.

And here is the list of my "Must-watchs":
- Steven Spielberg
- Tim Burton w Johnny Depp
- Will Smith
- Andy Lau
- Tony Leung
- Jay Chou

PIXAR - Monsters Inc

Compared to Steven Spielberg, PIXAR is a relatively new label in the arena. But every since Monsters Inc, I just had to go for every PIXAR production. It is a guarantee of perfect 3D, near-life animation, crossed between excellent thrilling plots that carry heavy messages to both young and old.

Steven Spielberg with ET hat

For Steven Spielberg, there really isn't much for me to say. He's been around for decades, and ever since the original ET, wave of fans have been following him till this day. For me, the best film that got me hooked, is Jurassic Park. At a time when nobody knew much about dinosaurs and fossils, he made it known to the world. Jurassic Park started a dino frenzy, and I remember going to the Science Centre for dino exhibits, buying a lot of dino keychains, softtoys, books, clothes etc.

Tim Burton and his movie characters

Tim Burton is well-known for his dark, dark stories. Working with Johnny Depp, who is always masked under thick layers of makeup, Tim Burton provides his followers the bizarre of the most bizarre tales. My favourite is the Edward Scissorhands series. This pair is working together on Alice in Wonderland, which will hit the screens in March next year. Looking forward!!! =)

Will Smith - I Am Legend

Will Smith, he's The Man. Probably the only larger than life actor who can carry the weight of millions and millions of viewers and their expectations on his shoulders alone. The line for him? "I AM LEGEND". His is a rag to riches, zero to hero story, in which he started out lousy, got dumped by his girlfriend who said to him "You are not good enough". Because of this, he sweared to make himself the Number One Man on Earth, to never be not good enough. He is one faithful man in love as well. An inspiring figure of life!

Andy Lau and Tony Leung in Infernal Affairs

Andy Lau and Tony Leung, I just like their profiles so much. Humble guys although they are rich beyond my wildest dreams, and the best thing - handsome too.

Jay Chou, main character and director of The Secret, with co-star, Gui Lun Mei

Jay Chou is my idol because he's so talented in music, from songwriting, to musical instruments and music itself... ... Oh, the list goes on. His songs resonates inside me and I really grew up together with his career. I didn't grew to like him. I like him from the start. His movie, 不能说的秘密, made me cry buckets from the 1/3 mark right to the end. It's my record.

Labels FTW!


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