Thursday, July 16, 2009

Berocca to Fight Headaches?

About a week ago, I was down with severe headache for 2 weeks continously. Everyday, a point on my skull just hurts so badly I can't sleep. And when I am awake, I just feel like doing nothing and lying down. I never had headaches this bad before. In fact, I hardly have headaches.

As I do not like to take medicine, I didn't visit the doctor, and neither did I take panadol. So how? My Love told me that Vitamin B helps the nerves to function, something that I don't think was in the A' level Biology syllabus. And both of us wanted me to get well, so he recommended me to take Berocca, which is a dissolvable tablet that consists of the whole range of Vitamin B. Since he already has an unfinished tube of it, of course I took it. And I took it twice within a 24 hour period, though not on the same day.

And guess what? It worked! That's why I am here, blogging about it. About a week later, which is today, I still haven't had a relapse. So I am totally convinced that it works.

Berocca, credits to

I posted this question on a forum, and got less than supportive replies, that Vitamin B can alleviate headaches. So I really don't know.

But I got a really good answer from a respected person who is well-versed in medicine and health. He said that Berocca is good as a cure for hangover. And that maybe the cause of my headache is the same as that for a hangover, so the influx of Vitamin B relieved my headache.

This is a really good piece of information for everybody to note, just in case you need it some day.

In the mean time, prevention is still better than cure. Having good habits like early and sufficient sleep, minimizing the amount of stress, managing your anger etc, to prevent headaches, is better than having to treat it when it comes. Take care.



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