Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Am A Slow Consumer

LOL. I've always been wondering why I consume products such as shampoo and facial cleanser so slowly compared to many others.

For example, I have on the 550ml standard bottle of Asience shampoo and conditioner since January this year. Now, it's July, and I am only down to slightly less than half of the bottle. I can't be using any less than the common person, as I wash my hair daily, and I press down the whole pump for each wash. So saying, Asience has already tailored it to last a predicted 12 months, if the bottle is used by a single person (yes, I, alone is using it. I do not share shampoos with my family).

As for my cleansing gel, a 120ml pump bottle, I opened it last August. It is now closing August, and I am closing the bottom of the bottle as well, but I forsee that I will sustain it till September. I wash my face twice a day, and following standard instructions, I use the amount of 2 red beans each time.

The most amazing one goes to my sun protector lotion. It's a 50ml little bottle that I only finished after 3 years. It comes in a milk-water mixture, so each time, according to instructions and the size of my face (which is quite big), I only need 3-4 drops.

I am seriously wondering if I am the only person I know who can make the consumables last longer than expected, and into a year, 2 years or 3 years.

Of course, being a slow consumer, there are pros and cons.

The longer I take to finish a product, the longer I stretch my dollar.

But some things are made not to last. And for these things, it would be a total waste of product and money for me. I can't be using more than I should, because for most skin care or cosmetic, my skin reacts negatively to excess chemicals.

So it's either I don't buy products that do not last, or I share what I use. The former is very easy, and that's exactly what I am doing now. But the latter is not as easy. Because everybody has different needs. And for someone with over-sensitive skin like me, the products I use are totally not suitable for the normal skin or oily skin person. And I can't be purposefully looking for someone who likes exactly what I like and use exactly what I use to come and live with me. LOL. Simply ridiculous.

The friends I know seem to eat up products rather than apply them. A bottle of lotion may only last a mere 2 months. (As far as I know, manufacturers tend to design regular sized lotions last 3 months. There are mini bottles and giant bottles of course.)

So upon making my confession, the questions goes out, how about you? Are you a fast of slow consumer of things like body foam, shampoos and facial wash? What is your maximum and minimum record? =)))


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