Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

I've always loved HK Cafe Restaurants ever since they emerged in Singapore. And my favourite is the popular Xin Wang Char Chan Teng, at Cineleisure, PS etc.

The other day, we stumbled upon another one called 旺 角 茶 餐 厅. Obvious, their hanyu pinyin is quite wrong. But nevermind. This is the website. So we decided to give it a try since I was craving for Chinese food.

The restaurant layout.

It was very empty at around 5pm. I do hope they have more customers at the 7pm meal time. Otherwise, it would be hard to maintain the rent at Bugis.

I like the clean layout, and the sofa seat is nice. As they are situated right at the bridge on the 2nd floor, I felt like I was dining in a balcony. Which is very nice.

My drink, called Cinderella.

I didn't know what's inside, but I ordered because the name Cinderella sound sweet. haha.

There are 3 san chas on top, and that black ball is a prune.

It turns out, this is actually sour plum juice. Which I don't really like. But this is okay, because they put quite a lot of sugar syrup at the bottom.

Our drinks together. My SO ordered something blue again. lol. =)

Blue Ocean, with strawberry ice-cream on top.

I was very impressed with the Blue Ocean. I love the blue, and the combination they made with the pink ice cream. On drinking, this tastes like normal soda water. But quite expected. Because from my experience with my SO, Blue Lagoon is usually soda water.

And here is my food:

Sze Chuan Style Chicken Baked Rice with Portugese sauce.

As usual, I just had to try their baked rice, as I like to compare baked rice with Swensen's. Yet as usual, the new one still lose to Swensen's. It tastes pretty normal. Not not nice. But just, normal.

I find the steam basket that it is served in very creative. They probably melted the cheese by boiling instead of the usual microwave. Even though it is called baked rice. lol.

A spoonful of Portugese sauce laden rice.

The special thing about this rice is probably the Portugese sauce, or what the waitress told us, Ang Moh Curry.

The yellowy yellowy sauce you see, is the Portugese sauce, and it tastes very, very much like egg yolk. I would bet it contain egg yolk. But I am bewildered at how they make the egg yolk taste cooked. It is absolutely not raw at all, yet it is not the hardened egg yolk we normally get.

Though it is known as Ang Moh Curry, the Portugese sauce is not spicy at all. And I like the way it is salty but not too salty.

I wish I could buy a jar of this home! Serious. So nice, I feel like eating the sauce again.

The service was okay, and the food came really, really fast. Likely because there were so few people.

But altogether, I think I like the place. And I feel like going back to try the French toast. It is a very nice spot to drop by for a French toast if you are working nearby, and need a tea break. =)



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