Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Rexona Women NEW Skin Light

The name of this item is very long. What it says on the from of the roll-on stick is Rexona Women, New! Skin Care Skin Light with Sunflower Oil, 24hr Antiperspirant Deodorant.

The expiry date says May 2011, which means I have less than 2 years from now to finish this up.

I am very concerned about deodorant expiry cos my previous Nivea Pure No Residue Roll-On expired on me. I still have an almost full bottle left. But it is now sour, and gives me the sour smell, instead of odourless, colourless. So I can't use it. *sob sob*

Rexona Women New Skin Light with Sunflower Oil

Available: Shop & Save $3 (last week's promo), NTUC $3.75 (U.P), and other leading stores

Volume: 40ml

Star Properties:
Don't risk underarms darkening caused by plucking or shaving. New Rexona Skin Light with Sunflower Oil lightens and smoothens underarms in just 2 weeks (description on back of bottle)

Directions: Apply 4-6 swipes on each underarm everyday. Do not apply to broken skin. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Water, Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower Oil), Glycerin, Steareth-2, Parfum, Steareth-20, Di-Sodium EDTA, Tetradibutyl Pentaerithrityl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate.

Front and back of Rexona New Skin Light with Sunflower Oil

I was so attracted to the light purple colour of this product. It caught my eye even though I was planning to get another transparent roll-on from Nivea. The curvy shape is definitely so much easier to grasp than Nivea's perfect cylindrical non-hand-shape friendly stick. However, I much prefer a see-through bottle than this opaque purple, since I like to countdown to when I will finish using liquids.

The price is also very attractive, as all Rexona deodorants are not more than $4, but Nivea's ones are at least $4.10 for old versions, and $5+ for latest versions. Moreover, Shop & Save was having their weekly promotion on this latest product from Rexona, discounting $0.75. I might have chosen Rexona's older products at $2+ if not for the discount, cos I honestly think that all deodorants are the same, unless you are buying organic ones.

The Roll-On Ball
I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Rexona rolls on so much more smoothly than Nivea! For Nivea, sometimes I don't even know whether the ball really did roll or not. I like this part so much.

The roll-on


I love the Sunflower Oil. It leaves a very fragrant smell on me which stays for a few hours, since the staying power of this liquid is probably much better than alcohol perfumes. Amazingly, even though deodorants are supposed to keep away smell, I didn't mind that this gave me a smell instead. If you don't like it, I supposed you could go for the older no Sunflower Oil versions. Even though Sunflower Oil is said to smoothen and whiten your underarms. And the best part is that I feel Rexona is not cheating us. Sunflower Oil is the 3rd ingredient, means it is quite high in content, and not some last ingredients that they only give use some minute trace of Sunflower Extract, then happily tout it to have Sunflower.

This is true. After using Rexona, I didn't smell the sweat smell throughout the day, even after the Sunflower Oil fragrance was gone, the sweat still didn't come out.

Hopefully this wouldn't leave yellow stains on my clothes... ... I haven't tried. But Nivea Pure No Residue did not leave stains, so I am also expecting this new product to have taken that into consideration.

Sensitive Skin
This is suitable for all skin types. I did not suffer and irritations after a few wears despite my sensitive skin. =)

Overall, Rexona Sunflower Oil really makes me feel like putting on everyday. I only use deodorant when I am wearing sleeveless when I go out. haha. Nice one.
I love it: 5 hearts.

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