Friday, August 07, 2009

G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)

I really think I should review this before the weekend, since I was so lucky to catch it yesterday. Thanks my SO for asking me out. =)

I don't know what G.I.Joe is, but I definitely have heard of it before I watched the movie. In my database, this seems to be some old time action film hit. And I thought it is a remake, that would turn out pretty lame.

I was apprehensive about it, but my SO seemed extremely upbeat. And according to facebook sources, everybody who saw the preview on Wednesday was WOWed by it. Sounds like a must watch...

haha, and indeed it is. If you are rushing for time, or don't want to see potential spoilers, don't read anymore, just go watch it. Now. It's worth the ticket. =)))

So you see the pic. Apparently, if you can infer from the advertisement, this movie is divided into two armies - the group with the white ninja on top, and the group with the black ninja below. I will leave you to guess which is good, and which is bad. (LOL. They look equally bad to me.)

And both armies have a hot babe in line. So for those who are concerned, no worries about lack of girls. Comparatively, Transformers only has one lead girl - Megan Fox. haha. And Night at the Museum 2 only has one girl, in the ENTIRE cast.

If you like Transformers I, I am 99.9% sure you will enjoy G.I.Joe as much as I did. It IS action-packed to the max! Every single moment is action. There is not one dull moment. Not a second for you to look away, or a minute for the toilet.

It's two hours long, so please empty your bladders before sitting down to avoid missing anything.

Much as it did not give me the roller coaster ride and butterflies in my stomach feeling that Transformers I did, I was still deeply enthralled by the plot, the scenary, the gadgets, the hunks and babes.

And now, I am 100% sure that all kids will love G.I.Joe. It has the Disney like settings within it, a sea kingdom, a desert kingdom, the sky. Plus the batman gagets (yes yes, there were so many parts that reminded me of Batman: Iceman). And the way it felt like I was playing a game, sitting in a motion simulator machine, controlling some fighter jet or weird flying boat cum plane, dodging the missiles, shooting the enemy.

G.I.Joe has it ALL!

I love it because it provided mental stimulation in terms of plot and content, and the issues raised, like war and terrorism, Science: its inventions and impact of the world. Suitable for the adults.

Yet at the same, it cleverly brought me back to my childhood, with the thrills, the hang on ends, waiting for the bad guy to die, wondering if the bad guy will die. And watching duels, like in Kungfu Panda. Suitable for the kids who do not understand the plot.

Hopefully I have not spilled too much, but,
I love it: 5 hearts.
Must watch, and worth your ticket, good for family, and class outings. For couples, the girl just may not like it, unless she liked Transformers like I do. =)))

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