Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Small Nail Polish Collection

Amazingly, I managed to even have a collection of nail polish. Since I only change the coat of polish after 2 weeks, and I rest my nails for 3 days in between. Plus, once I like something, I stick with it till it's used up.

Unfortunately, I have not managed to really find a polish that I think is perfect until Sally Hansen and Revlon came in. Hence, I kept on buying and trying different colours.

My little family of 15.

My criteria for the perfect nail polish:
- same colour as seen from bottle
- thin, very thin
- easy to spread
- dries fast
- shines
- no chip
- good brush
- don't dry up my nail and cause cracking

Usable Ones
O2 Skin Base Coat, Top Coat, the dark pink from O2 Skin, the Clatty Dark Blue one, Sally Hansen, and Revlon. The rest are deemed unusable.

My Biggest Disappointment
The L'oreal Star Magnet one. Spreadability is okay only. But what I don't like is that it damages my nails. It made my small toes dry up and peel off. Sigh.

The Cheap & Good One
O2 Skin base coat. O2 Skin tend to have discounts, and that's when you get it real cheap. But their colours are one tone lighter than in the bottle, so I think getting the base coat and top coat is okay, but maybe not the colours. For example, the dark pink I have, when applied, it looks like the light pink I have. The light pink, just looks like nail gloss with pink glitter.

What Looks Good On Me
Throughout all this colour testing, I've come to learned that I really should stick to warm colours, like the Precious Peach from Sally Hansen. I don't like warm colours, like brown, yellow, peach. But really no choice, since my skin matches with them more. Purple, pink tend to be a slight disaster. Not just for nails, but also eyeshadows, blush, lip colour. Sigh. So I must learn to let go off my favourite colours, and embrace those I hate but look good on me.

I guess the collection will stay small for now. Although I was amazed at myself for even having 15. Cos when I started using nail polish, I had thought that I would only have one or two, and stick with it till it finishes. But no. LOL.

Honestly, how many of you do this too?? haha. Like thought you would just get one red lipstick, but ended up buying all the shades, and every new invention that comes out, then end up with a whole collection of barely used lipsticks? :PPP hahaha.



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