Monday, August 17, 2009

NuTeen Oil Control Series

I actually wanted to post on Kiehl's hand cream, just to complete my hand cream series of reviews. But I just discover something that I really want to rave about - NuTeen Blackheads Away Gel.

I can't give a complete review because I only got a 3ml sample packet from a promoter during the John Little Bazaar in my school. But I hope to take this chance to rave about this product, introduce this brand to some of you, and hopefully get kind reviews from those who have tried NuTeen.

NuTeen brochure from my school's John Little Bazaar.

On the inside is the elaboration, and see the two sample packets at the top?

I understand that NuTeen has been the sponsor of some Channel 8 TV shows, such as those Superband or Campus Superstar, I think. So this is not an entirely new brand.

And of course, as the name suggests, NuTeen is for teens. But as most of us probably already know, acnes are not restricted to teens. Even 40 year olds can have breakouts.

In my opinion, I actually feel that teen targeted acne creams or treatments are effective for all ages. I can't confirm since I am not old enough to test that out for you. But at least for my age, teen acne creams still work.

According to what I know about marketing and pricing, products aimed at older women are much much much more expensive than anything else. And according to my scientific knowledge, the pricing is ridiculous since the general ingredients and effectiveness are very much the same. (Unless it is a patented thing, like Pitera.)

So rather than spending your hard earned money on working class products or mature people products, why not go for teen products that are so much cheaper and work as well?

NuTeen Blackheads Away Gel

Available: -

Volume: -

Star Properties: Specially blended with active ingredients such as Salicylic acid, Thanakha extract and Triclosan to thoroughly cleanse the skin, thus making your skin look new, smooth, fine and clear.

NuTeen Blackheads Away Gel and All Clear Moisturizer sample sachet.

The instructions says to use this product on dry skin with dry hands, and before cleansing. I pressed all the 3ml of sample out, and massaged gently all over my face. Strangely enough, I felt balls of dirt, (like wet and teared up balls of paper), on my face.

The NuTeen steps to Oil Free and Flawless Skin! =)

There was quite a lot of dirt balls because I did not remove my sunblock prior to clarifying, since the instruction says use on dry face.

After 1 minute, I felt the gel used up. But my face was not at all dry or tout. I rinsed off the gel, and my skin felt super ultra smooth! WOW! After I cleansed, the smoothness still remains.

The feeling was so amazing, because this is the smoothest I have ever felt of my skin. Even my Laneige Cleansing Oil cannot produce the same feel. And none of my cleansers or moisturizers can produce this feel. Goodness, I am so tempted to buy the full size tube.

But I am hesitating because while the gel was on my face, I felt a slight tingly sensation on the area between my nose and my upper lips. I did not breakout though. So not sure if it was because I am sensitive or what... ...

I also don't quite like the strong smell, which smells slightly of chemical.

I love it: 4 hearts.

I think it gives a really good feeling. But I can't tell whether it does removes blackheads or not, as I have only use it once. And I did not steam my face before that. If I do get a full size tube, I will review it again and might give it 5 hearts. =)))

NuTeen All Clear Moisturizer



Star Properties: Enriched with Thanaka extract for soft, crystal clear skin. Balances oil secretion and cools skin without menthol.

I was also given a pack of moisturizer from NuTeen. And I had to try it together.

I can't tell whether it does control oil secretion, cos I don't have oily skin.

But the texture of the cream is quite light, and dissolves very well into my skin (within 1-2 minutes), without leaving a sticky feel.

This is certainly performing much better than many other moisturizers I have tested.

And the best thing that I really like about it, is the cool feel without menthol. Because most of the cooling creams contain menthol, which is very unsuitable for sensitive skin. However, with NuTeen, I can vouch that this is completely sensitive skin friendly (not sure for eczema though).

And so,
I love it: 4 hearts.

I have deducted marks because I am unsure of the long term effects, and oil control power. If anyone has used this before, do let me know if I can give this 5 hearts. Thanks a lot!

PS: With NuTeen Oil Control Series, now you can have Oil Free and Flawless Skin!

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