Thursday, August 13, 2009

La Source Hand Therapy

I actually got this quite long ago, but only doing the review now.

I previously got a sample of Kiehl's Hand Slave, and was really, really disappointed with it. So I went online to search for good hand creams, and stumble upon raves for La Source Hand Therapy. It really sounded like the No. 1 hand cream of all times after all the reading. And I've just got to try it.

It was just as well that my SO had cracked skin on his fingers then, due to long hours in air-con and lack of water. I thought I could buy him a saviour. haha.

And it also so happened that the annual Christmas gift exchange was coming, and I had to get something around $5 for it.

The best part is that Crabtree & Evelyn was offering a pack of 3, 25ml tubes for $24, if paid by UOB card. The usual price is $30 for the pack of 3. So that was my chance! One tube for myself, one for my SO, and one for the Christmas party.

Plus, I fell in love with the cream immediately upon testing. I was debating with myself whether to get the pump bottle of 250ml for $65. There is also the 100ml tube. But the more volume you get, the cheaper it is.

Okay, so here's the review:

La Source Hand Therapy

Available: Crabtree & Evelyn outlets

25ml, 100ml, 250ml

Star Properties:
Unique shea butter and herb formula soothes, moisturize and conditions dry or rough hands

La Source Hand Therapy, 25ml, by Crabtree & Evelyn

The smaller ones are stored in an aluminium tube, just like normal mosquito creams. I have no issue with it, as I leave my hand cream at home. But I have read a lot of rantings about how the tube cracks after pro-longed time of bending, when people carry them around in handbags. There are also complaints that say the remaining little bit of cream cannot be squeezed out from the tube.

The first thing I notice is fragrance. La Source smells of gentle sweetness, very pleasant that I keep feel like bringing my hands near my nose to get more of the fragrant. It is addictive for me. lol. (I do like my skin care to mildly fragrant, so you can guess how much I love this.)

La Source spreads really, really well! You are going to love it.
It is quickly absorbed by my skin the moment I spread around. It is so lightweight, that you feel your hands soft and smooth, yet you don't feel the cream.

After feel
Soft and smooth hands, with absolutely no stickiness or oiliness. Super good, as this is my top priority criteria for an effective hand cream. I don't want to be spreading oil all over my keyboard or handphone right after I apply hand creams.

It is really lasting, as I can still smell it after 8-9 hours. It still stays there after I rinsed my hands with water. Must really rub under water for enough time before it comes off totally. This means that if you are going out for a short while, you don't have to carry it along. Just apply before going out. =)

This cream does not cause itch. =)))

I like the way they have the 250ml pump bottle. So good for office use (put in front of the computer), or even at home, place one in the bathroom, one by the bedside. haha.

$8 for 25ml is definitely slightly more expensive that drugstore brands. But it should be affordable for working class people. For students, I think this is worth saving up for. Just use it sparingly. A red bean size amount can spread nicely on 1 hand for me, so the tube lasts pretty long.

Definitely will repurchase. Wait for the Christmas sale. hahaha.

I love it: 5 hearts

I do not exactly consider hand cream a necessity. Perhaps, unless you are in air-conditioned environment for long periods of time.

But I am really wondering if VERY, very soft and smooth hands are a must for me. My palm is rougher than a lot of older and old people I have shaked hands with. Even some senior citizens have softer hands than me. haha.

Not that my hand is rough. It's just not that smooth on the palm, also because I have lots of fine lines. (Some people I know have hardly visible lines, which is inborn.) But the outside is still really good.

I really don't think I need to try other hand creams already. I don't feel like I would find anything else better than this. haha. :P

What do you think? Is it a must for you?

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