Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nivea Creme

The Nivea Creme is like the grandmother of all moisturizers to me. And it has piqued my curiosity ever since I found out how cheap the whole big tin is.

Recently, Watsons even started selling the smaller tins at $1.95, so those who are just too curious can try before committing to the huge one. Which in my opinion, looks like it can last forever. haha.

Nivea Creme

Available: Watsons, Guardian, and many other little shops


Star Properties:
Contains skin-related Eucerit, a unique moisturizing ingredient

Nivea Creme, picture courtesy from Nivea website.

One of the top ingredients in this is mineral oil. Honestly, this is something that I will not buy on my own. I only tried it because my friend has a tin. Not especially after reading everything from Viva Woman. hahaha.

Even though it is stored in a tin can, I think the tin can is actually quite strong and durable. I like the way it is flatter than most moisturizer containers, especially the smaller size one. As compared to those in thick, heavy and tall glass containers. I also like how it gives us so much surface area to use. So we don't have to dip in with one finger or two. For application on the whole body, it is so easy to swipe 4 fingers across for more cream.

I think the cream is very heavy, dry, and not easy to spread. Which is really surprising, given the number of good reviews I have read about it.

Quite bad, as I still can feel the thick layer of something on my skin.

After feel
My hands felt more of rough in the sense, it is not easy to glide my fingers across the back of hand, as I meet with the resistance from the hard to spread cream.

The smell is kind of weird. More towards the chemical side, which I don't like.

Unfortunately, this multi-purpose cream irritates my hands so much that I kept scratching at it. Luckily I only tested on my hands. It could be because of the mineral oil, which is one of the top ingredients in Nivea Creme.

I love it: 0 hearts.

Sorry to say, but I really don't recommend buying this at all. Even though it is cheap, I think a cream is not really a good cream if it is hard to spread and does not leave a nice feel on your skin.

The good news for people who want big tubs of good moisturizers at the price of Nivea, is that Dove actually has a rich moisturizing cream. I just read this on Beautyholics Anonymous: here. However, the top ingredients are all petroleum derivatives, which many people are not willing to leave on their skin.

The bad news is, I have never seen it in Singapore. No chance to test it... If anyone has seen it here, please kindly leave a comment. If you have tried it, please leave a review. Thanks in advance! =)))

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Blogger Krib said...

I use nivea young control shine as a daily moisturizer from my face. It's cheap but good ^^ But i tried the nivea creme and, like you, i'm not satisfied. I think it's not suitable for all skin types. maybe it's just good for extra-dry skin ?

Sunday, August 16, 2009 at 6:20:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Meng Xue said...

Not too sure... lol. I see. I am quite scared of drugstore skincare actually. Cos I have sensitive skin. So far I already can't use Neutrogena, L'oreal, Bio-essence, Olay, Johnsons & Johnsons. Never tried Nivea before. So unless something has overwhelming good reviews, I just resist all temptations to try.

Maybe if I see Nivea Young tester, I will try it. =) I am liking the Nivea Gel Hand Cream right now. And honestly, I am tempted to try the hydrowater range (forgot the name) and makeup remover. hahaha. Just too many things to try nowadays.

Monday, August 17, 2009 at 5:21:00 PM GMT+8  

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