Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blanc de Blanc 3 in 1 Hydro Retention Gel

I got this free from my beautician, and I actually wanted to sell it off on ebay, as I thought I did not need anymore hydration products. But fact is, I need.

I have so many fine lines now. I learned from someone that if you pull your skin, and the lines disappear, then it is fine lines, that are a result of dehydrated skin. That means my skin needs more water.

I am so lucky nobody bought this off ebay, as I did not know what a gem it is until I tested it. I have already used it twice so far, and I plan to finish the whole tube.

Blanc de Blanc 3 in 1 Hydro Retention Gel

Available: My beautician

Volume: 60ml

Star Properties: Contains plant extracts, can be used on lips, as an eye mask or as a massage gel.

Blanc de Blanc 3 in 1 Hydro Retention Gel

Good. Nothing to complain about. I like the transparent look, so I can see how much there is left.

I like the way the ingredients look so natural. I am definitely avoiding the more common bad ingredients, such as alcohol and parabens.

The description and ingredients list.

Very soft.

Present and pleasant. =)

Extremely spreadable.

Extremely easy to absorb. In fact, I applied one layer on my face, and it almost immediately goes in, so I applied another layer. And another. Cos I love the feel on my face so much.

I was supposed to leave the layer on as a second skin for 20 minutes. But it dissolved into my skin so well that I had the barely there feeling. Love it.

My face is the softest I have ever felt it to be. And very smooth too. In fact, it stayed this way for at least 3 days!!!

Compared to NuTeen Acne Away Gel, NuTeen gave me a smoothest finish ever, but this gave me the softest finish ever.

I love it: 5 hearts

So loving it. I am looking forward to the next time I can do this mask, since I schedule my skin treats to be twice a week. =)))

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