Monday, August 31, 2009

Daiso Charcoal Face Wash

Daiso Charcoal Face Wash

Available: Daiso $2

Volume: 80g

Star Properties: Contains Charcoal powder to help remove toxins

It comes in a normal screw open tube, which has very good quality plastic for something this cheap.

It does not contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate. And the main cleansing ingredients are very similar to Eversoft, aside from the charcoal powder added around the middle of the list. Which is very good, as according to ingredients list reading technique by Viva Woman, this shows that charcoal is indeed added in a substantial quantity.

Compared to male charcoal lines, like Vichy Homme, and Mentholatum For Men Charcoal Cleanser, Daiso Charcoal Face Wash is more true to the consumers. I've checked the ingredients list for both the former, and I found that Vichy's one does not even contain charcoal. As for Mentholatum, they name it Carbon, and is placed at the end of the list. Which I feel is too little an amount to do any real good. Makes me feel cheated.

It is easy to foam up and spread. Pretty much the same as many other cleansers.

Drying as charcoal may be known to be, I did not feel my face as tout as Eversoft Pomegranate Whitening & Firming Cleanser that I wrote about earlier. My face felt very clean though. Not squeaky, but clean. =) Happy.

Since I don't have oily skin, I really have no idea whether it helps to control oil or not. And I can't vouch much for this.

However, my mum very kindly agreed to test this out for all of us, as she has very oily skin. She says that it's not bad in quality. And it does seems that her face is less oily after using for 2-3 days. But it has been raining in Singapore, and she feels it could be due to the cooler weather making her oily skin condition better. As such, she says she will have to test it for around 2 weeks before she can really conclude.

Sensitive Skin
According to Avene, there is such a thing as oily and sensitive skin. So just for those in concern, this is not irritating for my sensitive skin. I think it is due to the absence of SLS.

There are two brands of charcoal face wash in Daiso. One is the same brand as the charcoal mask, and it contains SLS, while the other one is what I bought. Do read the ingredients and make sure you buy the one without SLS.

I love it: 4 hearts.

Unfortunately, I have to deduct marks for the slight dryness it cost me. Charcoal is just not suitable for already dehydrated skin.

But if your skin is oily/normal, $2 for 80g is a real bargain even if you compare to supermarket prices, like 100g for $5 kind. haha. Now my mum is contemplating switching to Daiso.

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Blogger sesame said...

Yes, Avene is right about the skin type and it can get quite complicated. I now found my combination skin has changed to combination sensitive skin with very dry cheeks! :(

Thursday, September 3, 2009 at 3:09:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Meng Xue said...

Why is it so? That's not good... Is it because you happened to use the wrong items from Avene? I stopped using the both the Very High Protection Creme SPF50 and the Cleanance Soapless Gel immediately after I got breakouts from both of them.

Thursday, September 3, 2009 at 4:54:00 PM GMT+8  

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