Thursday, September 10, 2009

L'oreal Glam Shine Lipgloss

In this post, I just feel like talking about my first ever lipgloss, L'oreal Glam Shine (old version).

This lipgloss was recommended to me after I complained to my beautician about the Lipice Lip Colour being so extremely drying.

L'oreal Glam Shine Lipgloss in 116, Rose Shimmer

Available: $13.90 (iirc), I don't see it around already (old version).

Volume: 12ml

Star Properties: Supposed to shine? None that I know off...

L'oreal Glam Shine, in 116, Rose Shimmer

I like it! I like the size, I like the way it looks like a female's body with nice curves, I like the gloss metal finish of the cover, and the standard transparent bottle.

The Applicator
The applicator is a feather pointed tip brush, which is the pattern that I like best so far, as compared to tube applicators, or straight brush applicators (like SilkyGirl). This is because the pointed tip allows me to apply the lipgloss precisely within my lips, and therefore remove the need of cleaning off extras.

The Applicator.

The Look
Though Rose Shimmer is a very sheer colour, it turns out satisfyingly rich on my lips, and does change the colour of my lips, rather than merely giving it a gloss.

Unfortunately, the gloss is too glossy, and a friend of mine commented that it makes my lips look so oily.

I like the rich colour. =) Sorry about the lack of good lighting.

It is very sticky, and always sticks my hair.

Staying Power
Very poor. Glam Shine falls off withing an hour or so. And will definitely come off after eating.

It is also very drying, and I have to apply quite a thick layer of good lip balm underneath to keep my lips from chapping.

On the high side, considering Majorlica Majorca's gloss tubes are only $7.50, and SilkyGirl's gloss with flat brush applicator, and non-drying is also very cheap. Not really worth it, cos Glam Shine is drying.

Overall, I really don't understand why my beautician says this is not drying.

I love it: 1 heart.

Will not buy the old version of Glam Shine again, as I only like the rich colour. It is too drying for my own good.

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