Thursday, September 10, 2009

L’Oreal Paris Dermo Expertise UV Perfect SPF50/PA+++ sunscreen

L’Oreal Paris Dermo Expertise UV Perfect SPF50/PA+++ sunscreen

Available: Watsons $20.90, Guardian etc


Star Properties: Enriched with Meroxyl SX and Meroxyl XL with proven efficacy on UVB as well as UVA rays. Tailor made to suit Asian women phototypes by preventing the appearance of brown spots. Contains also Activa-cell, to reinforce skin's natural capacity to defend itself from aggressions.

L'oreal UV Perfect SPF50/PA+++ Sunscreen, picture courtesy of

This is one of the sunscreen that should be recommended because it does not contains alcohol, which is drying for the skin.

Back of packet, with description of properties, and ingredients list.

However, it is a chemical sunscreen, so the active ingredients may irritate sensitive skin. A lot of people have reported allergies to chemical sunscreen, that's why is good! haha. As someone with sensitive skin, I am really afraid to try something that is widely claimed to be irritating. Yet, I have to try it, because this is a good sunscreen if your skin is comfortable with it.

The Cream
This is the lightest cream form sunscreen that I have ever felt. It is watery, and so easy to spread. And it makes me want to pile on more, unlike all those other sunscreens that are so thick and icky to deal with. No problem putting 1.5ml/0.25 teaspoon at all!

After Feel
It dissolves into my skin well, since it is thin and watery. On the back of the packet, it says this will serve as a good makeup base. So another plus point for L'oreal UV Perfect.

Sensitive Skin
However, so unfortunately, and as predicted, my skin (the sides of my face, near my hairline) really itched like crazy upon application. And a number of pimples popped out.

Last but not least, this is one of the more affordable, more branded sunscreens with SPF50, on the market.

I love it: 4 hearts.

This really is the best in texture so far, with high protection of SPF50, and other properties, I do recommend it to people who have no history of allergies to skincare products. For those who have, perhaps you can try a sample from too. =) Too bad, I can't use it.

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