Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random updates + Notes for myself

I have been busy with school and also quite a lot of beauty/skincare products this week. So much to update about.

Coming soon, will be:
- SilkyGirl BB Cream - Cheap, But Is It Really Worth The Money?
- The Face Shop Extra BB Cream - Good Reviews All Over The Net. For The Budget Conscious, Is It Worth It To Save For and Splurge On?
- kawaii Tokyo Melting Dew/Makeup Dissolver - Miraculous New Form of MU Remover, Bye Bye Cleansing Oil?
- Essential Damage Care Series - Sweet, Kawaii, Cheap. Does It Works?
- Himalaya Undereye Cream (NEW!)
- Acnes SPF25 Moisturizer - Cleo Award Winner, But Does It Lives Up The Title?

Also, I've got loot from Aries! Nice things can still be found in budget stores. Forget Chameleon! It's daylight robberrrrryyyyyy!

Yes, yes, yes, I definitely must blog about Chameleon VS Aries/Other "Olden Day" Shops.

I have to go off now. =((( Haiz. Busy, busy, busy.

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