Wednesday, September 16, 2009

kawaii TOKYO Melting Dew - Makeup Dissolver Series

Another sample from fr3b, and I love it! My latest rave for now.

kawaii TOKYO Melting Dew - Makeup Dissolver Series

Available: Watsons $36

Volume: 150

Star Properties: All cleansing and moisturizing ingredients are plant derived, ensuring the makeup dissolver is gentle enough for your precious skin.

kawaii TOKYO Melting Dew - Brighten-Up Makeup Dissolver Series, picture courtesy of

Form - No stinging of eyes, no blurring of vision.
This is called a Deep Cleansing Liquid, but I feel that it is more of a jelly or gel. Jelly form is really good, as it doesn't flows all around so freely, and even drip like cleansing water or bi-phase removers (e.g. Fasio Point Makeup Remover =( ).

When a makeup remover flows too freely, it will seep into the eyes no matter how tightly you close it, as you can't possible seal your eyes with rubber and magnet like the refrigerator.

So saying, this Melting is so wonderful to just stay on my eyes like an eye mask. Definitely no stinging, not even blurring of vision, as with cleansing oils. (Even my HG cleansing oil, Laneige Refreshing CO, seeps into my eyes and blurs my vision. It just doesn't stings, that's all.)

Since this is in a jelly form, definitely, the spreadability will be compromised, and with quite a big difference compared to cleansing water and Laneige Refreshing Cleansing Oil.

However, what I do is to cleanse parts of my face separately, as compared to when I just lumped eye cleansing together with face cleansing, and do all at one go when I use Laneige RCO.

1. Take 2 x 10-cent coin amount and spread it around each eye gently as if you are applying eye gel mask. Spread until you can feel that your mascara has come off. Rinse off with water.

2. Take a 20-cent coin amount, and use one finger to dab it on your eyebrows, then spread it until brow liner comes off. Dab another amount onto the other eyebrow and do the same. Use a separate two fingers to dab the Melting Dew on both cheeks. Spread as if spreading moisturizer. Dab another fingerful of Melting Dew for the lips.

For the remaining amount on your palm, dot it around your face and spread, as if applying moisturizer.

Rinse everything off.

3. Since I still somehow think the above is not clean enough, I took another 50-cent amount, and this time quickly spread it all over my face like a cleanser. Instead of the dab-dab method for precise makeup remover, this step is just to ensure the whole face gets cleaned. Rinse off. Now you can proceed to double-cleansing with your cleanser.

Needless to say, if I can be raving so much about this, its power of removing makeup must be great! No problems with removing my most stubborn Maybelline Gel Liner at all.

Definitely no feeling of toutness/dryness at all. No film coating on my face. Strangely enough, I feel extremely clean, like rid of sunblock, rid of BB Cream and all, but yet my face texture is perfectly normal.

However, sad to say, it does not leaves my skin soft and supple the way Laneige RCO does. haha, now you know why I keep raving about Laneige. Love it!

No fragrance. But it has a chemical smell. This is the only part that I am not so happy with. But tolerable.

Sensitive Skin
No irritations. I don't expect any allergic reactions at all, because the ingredients are good, except for methyl paraben somewhere in the middle of the list. No Sodium Laureth Sulfate or normal stuff in cleansers.

In fact, there are quite a number of special ingredients --> View Website.

I love it: 5 hearts.

Now, I am seriously considering converting from cleansing oil to cleansing jelly. haha. I really love Laneige, and nothing anybody says about other MU removers, like Shu Uemura, Bobbi Brown, Dove, Mandom etc, and etc, ever moves me. I always believe so much that Laneige will still be No. 1 after I compare it to its rivals. But kawaii TOKYO Melting Dew has shaken me... ... Tough choice now.

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