Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Silkygirl Magic BB Cream

LOL. This BB Cream is my first, and is a gift from my SO, cos he saw it at one of the front counters in Watsons.

Silkygirl Magic BB Cream

Available: Watsons, Guardian

Volume: -

Star Properties: Contains Hyaluronic Acid to prevent fine lines and Vitamin E Derivatives to fight against free radicals.

Silkygirl Magic BB Cream, picture courtesy of Silkygirl website.

Both the 01 Natural and 02 Beige are extremely light, suited for fair skinned girls. It makes me look like a clown... ...

Thin, easy to spread. But IMO, not as thin and easy to spread as TFS Skin Extra BB Cream.

Also, it sort of disintegrates into a powdery feel upon application, which I don't like.

Very, very poor. It hardly does anything to my face, if at all. Contrary to what is posted on Silkygirl's website, it has zero concealing property.

Healing Properties
None that I know off. I highly doubt the amount of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E is sufficient to render any effects.

Sensitive Skin
I suspect that it does irritates my skin. A few more pimples did popped out after using it.

I love it: 0 heart.

No good, no good. Not worth the money even though it's dirt cheap for a BB Cream. Maybe at the most, you can use it as foundation or makeup base. Should be fine.

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